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Construction Site Heaters

Our construction site heaters are perfectly designed to help keep your workers warm on-site. From direct gas-fired heaters for open & outdoor areas to infrared heaters for spot heating, we're sure you'll find the heater you need.

Construction Site & Building Heaters

Keep sites warm for workings in winter

Temperatures can fall incredibly low on construction sites, but often work has to keep on going. A construction site heater offers the perfect way to ensure that the working environment is kept at a comfortable level for workers to thrive. Appropriate heating for a building and construction site is vital in winter. Keeping workers warm and comfortable helps to keep productivity levels high and prevents workers from becoming ill. Heaters will of course also help to reduce drying times.

Thankfully, there are some fantastic heaters, well-suited to construction sites. The best heaters for large open, well-ventilated areas on construction sites are typically gas fired heaters or direct fired diesel heaters, as they produce tremendous amounts of warm air, which makes them able to cover a far larger area and keep more than one person warm at once. These direct diesel heaters offer 100% thermal efficiency and are extremely cost-effective and easy to use. Not only that, but they are also reliable and safe. Though as these heaters are direct fired, they are suitable for outdoor / well-ventilated areas only. They must not be used in poorly ventilated / indoor areas.

Have a large site and don’t have adequate ventilation for a direct fired space heater? No problem, an indirect diesel heater is a fantastic option for construction and building sites also. Indirect diesel heaters burn fuel differently than direct diesel heaters, as they feature a heat exchange with a flue union which expels fumes. This means these heaters produce 100% clean and safe warm air. Our Master BV & Arcotherm EC ranges of indirect diesel heaters are robust and reliable industrial space heaters, perfect for heating large construction sites with little ventilation.

We also have a great range of industrial electric fan heaters and infrared heaters. Our small electric heaters are ideal for keeping single rooms warm on site, whilst we also have large ductable 3 phase electric heaters which can be used in much larger areas. Our infrared heaters are ideal for spot heating specific areas on site where you are working.