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Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units

We stock some of the best wall mounted air conditioners on the market from trusted brands such as Powrmatic and Prem-i-Air. Whether you need a wall mounted air conditioning unit for your home, office, hotel or other area, our excellent range offers great options at great prices!

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units

Modern & stylish air con solutions

National Heater Shops has an excellent range of wall mounted air conditioners available from leading manufacturers like Powrmatic and Prem-i-Air. These air con units are ideal for any home and are fantastic for modern hotels, offices, retail outlets, spas, outbuildings and more.

Air conditioning works by drawing in the warm air from an enclosed space and passing it through a refrigerant system. The refrigerant causes the warm air to condensate, quickly removing the moisture and lowering the temperature. The cooled air is then circulated back out into the space by an inbuilt fan, while the residual warm air and a large volume of the moisture are exhausted outside via pipework or ducting.

For an air conditioner to work effectively, doors and windows to the room should be closed. An appropriate number of vents should be installed through the wall to allow the condensate air to escape. As air conditioning removes moisture, they are also ideal for cooling areas with sensitive contents that could otherwise be disturbed by a rise in humidity. Storage areas, museums, galleries and rooms with computers or other electrical equipment and machinery usually use an air conditioning system.

Our range features condenserless air con units from reputable companies such as Powrmatic and Prem-i-Air. Choose from the top of the range Powrmatic VertiCool 3.1 DW Air Conditioner & Heat Pump (3.1kW), which is a super quiet and compact twin duct air conditioner with a sleek, vertical design, or the budget-friendly Prem-I-Air 9,000 BTU DC Inverter Window Air Conditioner 230v (2.6kW), which can be positioned on almost any window ledge and features inverter technology for vastly reduced running costs.

These are single piece units that can be installed through walls and do not require bulky condenser units on the outside of the building. They provide compact, high-quality, modern, and effective air conditioning that can be installed quickly and easily. They ensure reduced installation costs as they do not require air conditioning engineers or extensive cable and pipework runs.

We also provide other packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) units, a split air conditioner range, accessories and equipment. Please note that air con units are not effective for outdoor use. For outdoor cooling, such as bar and restaurant terraces and events, evaporative coolers offer the best solution. We also have an extensive portable air conditioner range available.