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Industrial Dust Extractor Fans

We have a great range of dust extractor fans available to order online, from top brands such as Broughton, HEYLO and Master. These industrial dust extractor fans offer a compact, portable and effective solution for extracting harmful dust when working on site or in the workshop. They provide powerful airflows and can be used with ducting and M-Class dust bags to remove dust safely from the work area.

Industrial Dust Extractor Fans

Extract dust safely on site & in the workshop

We have a fantastic range of industrial dust extractor fans and dust extraction systems available. Our portable dust extractors are ideal for use on site and in the workshop during construction, renovation, woodwork and demolition jobs, to prevent airborne dust from creating a mess and a hazard to workers.

Our portable dust extractor fans are compact pieces of equipment, built to the highest standards, to withstand challenging site conditions. They can move large volumes of air quickly and efficiently. They are capable of removing dust from the work area, created when working with wood, plaster, metal, composites, and more. They also remove fumes, odours, smoke, and other particles that can be harmful or damaging.

We have fans available with either metal casings or rotomolded plastic casings. Many of our dust extractor fans are compatible with flexible ducting, available in a range of sizes. The ducting vents polluted air out of enclosed working spaces, creating a cleaner and safer environment. These fans can also be used to ventilate works area by blowing clean air in.

Master BL 4800 Compact Plastic Air Circulator Fan: A small and effective portable workshop dust extractor fan with a durable plastic casing and airflow rating of 1,500m³/hr. It can be used with 210mm diameter ducting to extract harmful fumes & dust or to provide clean fresh air.

Broughton VF300 Portable Extractor Fan: A powerful and portable industrial fan, capable of an airflow of 3,600m³/hr. It has a tough metal casing and can be used with lengths of ducting to move air out and into spaces.

HEYLO PowerVent 6000 Portable Axial Ventilator Fan: Powerful air movement of 5,410m³/hr in a compact and robust ABS plastic housing. This model can be used with 420mm diameter ducting to vent air in and out of spaces. It can also be used with an M-Class dust bag, to collect harmful dust products in the workshop and on site. This fan is available as part of the HEYLO SaubStop 6000 Dust Extraction Kit, which offers the fan with a filter housing and G4 & F9 dust filter set, for collecting coarse and fine dust.