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Greenhouse Heaters

Our range of greenhouse heaters includes electric, diesel / paraffin and gas heaters in a range of sizes. Ideal for extending your growing season and keeping your plants and vegetables warm & healthy during winter, whether you are a hobbyist or a commercial grower with a large greenhouse or polytunnel.

Greenhouse Heaters

Extend the growing season in your greenhouse or polytunnel

During the winter, temperatures become too cold in the UK for most plants to grow. Using a suitable space heater in your greenhouse or polytunnel helps to prevent frost and creates ideal growing conditions during colder winter months. This extends your growing season, encourages healthy plant growth and prevents harm to your plants and vegetables.

Whether you are a hobbyist with a small greenhouse or a farmer with large greenhouses, polytunnels or growing sheds, we can provide suitable greenhouse heaters for your space.

How to heat a greenhouse

There are a number of things you can do to your greenhouse, polytunnel or growing shed to help it retain heat.

Insulation is a key aspect. A poorly insulated structure will not retain heat effectively and any heat provided by a space heater will escape, wasting energy and money.

Heat sinks can be created in small greenhouses, using plastic containers of water. The water will absorb heat through the day and release it back into the greenhouse.

Hotbeds can also be used to retain and release heat. A hotbed is a raised bed filled with layers of decomposing straw, manure and other organic matter, topped by a thinner layer of growing medium (soil/compost). Plants or seeds can be placed in the hotbed, but the key benefit to heating is that heat is given off as the organic materials in the hotbed break down.

Rocks can also be placed around the edges of your greenhouse, which will absorb heat through the day and radiate the heat into the space.

All of these methods will help to gather and retain some heat within a greenhouse. Though these methods are more suited to smaller hobbyist houses and sheds rather than large commercial spaces. A space heater will also be required to generate the heat needed to keep your plants warm and healthy during winter months.

What kind of heater is best for a greenhouse?

Three of the most popular types of heaters for greenhouses and polytunnels are electric, gas and diesel / paraffin heaters.

Electric Greenhouse Heaters

Electric fan heaters provide a fast, simple and convenient method of heating. Many of these models, such as the Elite EHFH electric fan heater, feature thermostat control, so it will switch on and off as required to maintain the required temperature. The warm air these units produce is clean and safe in enclosed spaces, so they can be used even in greenhouses and polytunnels with no ventilation.

Electric heaters are often cheap to purchase, however they are more expensive to run over a longer period of time. Our range includes compact 240v electric fan heaters for small spaces and domestic use, right up to large 400v industrial electric fan heaters for commercial and industrial use, in spaces with 3-phase power supply.

Propane Gas Greenhouse Heaters

Propane heaters are often the cheapest greenhouse heaters to run. Some gas space heaters feature an internal fan to distribute the warm air, such as the Master BLP 33, so they also require an electricity supply. Other smaller propane heaters require no electricity at all, so they can be used in growing spaces with no electricity supply, such as the Eden 2kW gas heater. Some models feature a built in thermostat, so you can control the temperature in the space.

It is best to use a greenhouse gas heater in a space with some ventilation, to prevent a build-up of fumes produced during the combustion process. Specialist units such as the Eden & Eden Pro feature oxygen depletion sensors which shut the unit down if oxygen levels in the space are depleted. This is great for safety but could mean that the heater shuts down during the night in a space where there is not adequate ventilation.

Diesel / Paraffin Greenhouse Heaters

There are specialist small paraffin greenhouse heaters available, ideal for hobbyists with a small space to heat. However indirect oil-fired space heaters such as the Master BV77 offer a great solution for heating large commercial greenhouses and polytunnels. These heaters can be fuelled using diesel, paraffin or kerosene and they blow out only clean, fume-free warm air, so they can be used for heating enclosed spaces safely.

Indirect heaters are designed to sit outside the space and the heat is vented in through a hole in the wall using flexible ducting. Fumes produced during combustion are expelled outside via a flue on top of the heater.

Indirect space heaters can also be set up inside the space, with the flue set up to vent fumes outside through the roof. They are available in a wide range of sizes and they offer large volumes of warm air to heat large spaces effectively. They can operate using a remote thermostat, to automatically control the climate within the greenhouse.

We offer complete indirect space heater packages, which give you everything you need to set the heater up at a great price and with free delivery!

For more information on the greenhouse heating and the best heater for your application, contact our support team via telephone or online live chat.