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  • Thermobile GR 40 Portable LPG Space Heater - Dual Voltage

Thermobile GR 40 Portable LPG Space Heater - Dual Voltage 33kW

  • 10-33kW Variable Heat Output
  • 700m³/h Airflow
  • Robust & Portable Design
  • Safety Shutdown Features
  • Regulator & Gas Hose Included
  • Ventilation Mode
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33kW Heating Capacity: Great heating performance from a compact unit. Ideal for heating well-ventilated and outdoor spaces such as yards, garages, workshops, construction sites and more. Please note that LPG heaters must not be used in indoor, poorly-ventilated and enclosed spaces.

Efficient Fan: Provides an airflow of 700 m³/h and distributes warm air evenly for comfortable and effective heating.

Manual Ignition: For simple and effective start up.

Dual Voltage Power: This heater can run on both 230v and 110v power supplies.

Variable Heat Output: Allows the heater to operate at full capacity of 33kW or reduced capacity of 10kW.

Tough & Robust Construction: Built to perform in challenging areas, including construction sites, yards, garges, workshops, warehouses, agriculture and more.

Portable Design: Compact size and carry handle make the Thermobile GR 40 gas heater easy to transport and move around as required on site.

Regulator & Gas Hose Included: Everything you need to connect the heater to an LPG bottle.

Easy To Use Controls: No complex controls, for quick and easy use.

Fan Only Switch: Ideal for ventilation during warmer spells.

Safety Shutdown: Shuts down the heater automatically in the event of overheating or gas, flame or fan failure.


Thermobile GR 40 LPG Space Heater

33kW portable gas heater for industrial & agricultural heating applications

The Thermobile GR 40 is a 33kW dual-voltage propane gas space heater, designed for use in the automotive, construction, industrial and agricultural sectors. It features an internal fan and comes with a gas hose and regulator. The heater offers heated airflow of 700 m³/h to keep workers and materials warm on site.

Built to perform in challenging industrial spaces, the Thermobile GR40 LPG space heater has a robust metal outer casing. It features simple manual ignition and has a compact size, making it easy to move around a site and use wherever it is needed. As this model is dual voltage, it can run on 230v and 110v power supplies.

This high-quality gas heater offers efficient combustion, excellent heat capacity and complete safety, as it features automatic shutdown in the event of overheating or failure of the flame, gas or fan.

Thie Thermobile GR40 can operate at full capacity of 33kW or reduced capacity of 10kW and it features a fan only switch, which can be used to provide ventilation indoors and during warmer spells.

Please note that LPG space heaters must only be used in well ventilated spaces, such as construction sites, yards, and garages and workshops with large open shutter doors. They must not be used in indoor, poorly ventilated areas or enclosed spaces.


Output (kW): 10 - 33
Output (Btu/h): 32,000 - 113,000
Mains voltage (V): 230 / 110
Gas Consumption min-max (kg/hr): 0.7 - 2.4
Gas Pressure (bar): 1.5
Air Flow (m3/St): 700
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 595 x 335 x 220
Weight (kg): 8


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