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Farm Heaters

We have a wide selection of tough & robust space heaters suitable for use on farms and in agriculture. Whether you are looking for a compact workshop heater, chicken coop heater, barn heater or greenhouse heater, we can supply a suitable solution. Our range includes electric, diesel, waste oil and gas fired space heaters.

Farm Heaters

Tough & reliable space heaters for farms & agricultural buildings

We have a fantastic range of space heaters suitable for use on farms, in barns, greenhouses, nurseries, stables and other agricultural buildings.

We have curated a selection of heaters suitable for use on farms and for agricultural heating applications. This range includes electric heaters, cabinet heaters, suspended diesel heaters, infrared heaters, indirect fired heaters and LPG space heaters. These heaters can be used in all kinds of different areas, such as workshops for keeping warm whilst you work, greenhouses for keeping temperatures at the ideal level for growing, barns to keep livestock warm during cold spells, and more.

Electric Fan Heaters - Our industrial electric heaters are compact and portable space heaters, suitable for use in workshops and a range of other industrial and agricultural buildings. We have compact 3kW electric fan heaters that can be run off 240v or 110v power supply. We also have larger 3-phase 400v industrial electric heaters, with capacities up to 40kW, which can be used with ducting to blow warm air over large distances.

Cabinet Heaters - Our cabinet heaters can be installed in workshops, garages, and other areas on farms to provide a compact and reliable source of heat. Models such as the Arcotherm Vertigo offer a compact and slim heater which takes up little floor space. Models such as the Confort 100 provide much larger heating capacity, for larger industrial buildings. Our range also includes Thermobile BioEnergy heaters - modern waste oil heaters that can be run on waste engine oil, rapeseed oil, vegetable oils and bio diesel, as well as standard diesel, red diesel and kerosene.

Suspended Farm Heaters - Arcotherm's range of suspended farm heaters has been specifically designed for use in agricultural and industrial premises, for climatising animal rearing and greenhouse crops - optimising productivity in any weather conditions. Arcotherm farm heaters are extremely well made, reliable pieces of heating equipment for the farming and agriculture sector. Ideal for use in chicken coops, nurseries and other livestock buildings.

Diesel Infrared Heaters - Airrex diesel infrared heaters offer a modern, efficient and portable space heater for workshops, greenhouses and a range of other farm and agricultural buildings. They are tough, extremely quiet, offer great heat capacity, produce minimal emissions and zero airflow - so they can be used indoors and in dusty and dirty spaces - and they offer great fuel economy. View the full Airrex heater range.

Indirect Fired Space Heaters - Indirect diesel heaters feature a flue system which expels fumes produced during combustion out of the top of the heater, so only 100% clean warm air is blown out of the front of the heater. These heaters can be installed indoors, with a flue installed through a roof, or they can be placed outside a building, workshop or barn and the warm air can be vented into the space using ducting. We have a huge range available, including the Master BV110 34kW indirect heater and the Arcotherm Jumbo 235M 218kW indirect space heater. View our full range of indirect space heaters.

LPG & Natural Gas Space Heaters - LPG space heaters offer a simple, portable and cheap to run option for well-ventilated indoor and outdoor spaces, from workshops and greenhouses to garages and barns. Models such as the Master BLP 33M 33kW LPG space heater offer a really convenient portable heating solution. Whilst models such as the Thermobile AGA natural gas heater can be installed in agricultural buildings to provide a more permanent heat source.