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Drying Equipment

We have a fantastic range of drying equipment available from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry, such as Broughton, Calorex, Ebac, Ecor Pro, Dantherm, Dri-Eaz, Thermobile and more. Our drying range includes a large selection of dehumidifiers, in a wide array of sizes, as well as floor dryers and submersible water pumps. This equipment is ideal for drying spaces following floods & leaks or construction & decorating work, as well as to solve problems with high relative humidity.

Drying Equipment

Dehumidifiers, floor dryers, submersible water pumps & more

We have a complete range of professional drying drying equipment available online from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Our drying equipment is designed to help dry spaces out following leaks, floods and construction work, to tackle damp, humidity and mould, combat high relative humidity and dry out spaces as part of preservation, manufacturing and production processes.

Our range of drying equipment available online includes a huge selection of dehumidifiers, floor dryers and submersible water pumps.


Dehumidifiers extract moisture from the air to reduce relative humidity, prevent problems with condensation and mould, dry out spaces following flood damage and construction work, and dry out materials during preservation and manufacturing processes. Our range of dehumidifiers includes everything from compact home dehumidifiers, to larger commercial dehumidifiers and tough industrial dehumidifiers. So whether you are looking to combat condensation in your bedroom or prevent corrosion in a warehouse, we can provide a suitable dehumidifier.

Floor Dryers

Our range of floor dryers includes compact yet high velocity air movers, which blow a stream of air over hard floors, carpets and walls to promote moisture evaporation. Once the moisture is in the air, it can be extracted using a dehumidifier. We also have a huge range of ventilation equipment available which further helps to promote evaporation and speed up drying times following floods, leaks, construction and renovation work.

Water Pumps

Submersible water pumps are available in a range of sizes and allow water to be pumped out of basements, pools, excavations and more. They are ideal for use on site following heavy rainfall or in properties following floods and leaks.