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Airrex Heaters

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Airrex Infrared Heaters

Modern, efficient & effective infrared space heaters

Airrex is a part of the Rex Nordic Group, which is the leading importer and developer of diesel-powered heaters and mobile cooling equipment in the Nordic countries. Airrex is the market leader of modern diesel-powered infrared heaters. Airrex is the market leader of diesel-powered infrared heaters. Their portable infrared heaters are modern, efficient and effective pieces of equipment for use in commercial areas, industrial areas, event spaces & more.

Airrex infrared heaters have been manufactured for almost 30 years. The heat produced by their infrared heaters spreads evenly into the structures of the space or site to be heated. The heating effect is quick and comfortable.

Airrex diesel infrared heaters feature a revolutionary patented oil burner and exhaust piping, which utilises practically 100% of the energy included in the fuel. It causes the emissions of the Airrex AH-i range of infrared diesel heaters to be so low that a flue to the outside is not needed when using the heater indoors in well-ventilated space. A flue is only needed when used in an enclosed indoor space or a space where people sleep. This makes these heaters, such as the Airrex AH-200i heater and Airrex AH300-i infrared heater, ideal for workshops, warehouses, greenshouses, marquees, events, terraces and more. These heaters also feature WiFi technology, so they can be controlled using a smartphone app.

The Airrex AH-720 is a compact and portable electric infrared heater, ideal for homes, offices, shops, bars, restaurants and more. It features a patented Airrex infra plate which focuses infrared heat precisely forward, increasing the heating capacity of the unit compared to other similar heaters. It has excellence resistance to heat and impacts and offers comfortable heating.

We can also supply a range of accessories and spare parts for Airrex infrared heaters.