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Patio Heaters

We have a stunning range of gas and electric patio heaters. We have wall-mounted and freestanding models available, with bold and stylish or sophisticatedly discreet designs for any home or commercial setting. These heaters ensure your outdoor area is a cosy and inviting space, right throughout the year. They are perfect for gardens, yards, terraces, balconies, and any other outside spec.

Outdoor Patio Heaters

Stylish garden heaters for home & commercial spaces

Sadly, even a summer evening can be a little cold in the UK. As the year enters autumn and winter, it becomes less and less practical for many of us to enjoy outdoor areas. Do you have a garden that you love spending time in, work in hospitality and have a great outdoor space for customers? The cold weather can put an end to enjoying the fresh air.

A patio heater allows you to sit comfortably at home or extend your alfresco season. Outdoor heaters provide lovely, effective warmth for exterior spaces. They will enable you to spend more time outside. They are perfect for chilly evenings, the colder months, or all year round. So you can keep guests and visitors cosy and comfortable on cooler nights in summer and on bitter days in winter. With such a wide variety available, we can supply the right product for any patio, terrace seating area, balcony, pub garden, club, bistro, hotel, or open-air market.

What are the options?:

Electric infrared heaters 

Infrared heaters are sleek and modern. They transfer energy to any body with a lower temperature using electromagnetic radiation. They do this without contact. These electric heaters warm up people, objects, and walls rather than the air. It is a sumptuous, direct heat that you can feel instantly. It is also safe and natural, like the warmth you can feel on your skin when in direct sunlight. You can feel radiant heat regardless of air movement, making them perfect for outdoor and garden heating, and al fresco dining areas.

Due to the technology, infrared heaters are flexible and versatile. You can find freestanding, wall and ceiling-mounted, and hanging designs that you can integrate into any style space. There is a heater for you if you have floor space, an external wall, or a gazebo with an overhead structure. Wherever you install your heater, they have reflector plates that ensure that a high percentage of the heat produced projects forwards. This prevents energy from being wasted or lost. Low-glare and zero light technologies subdue the red light. Instead, they provide a soft glow, whether the filament is ceramic, Quartz Tungsten, Quartz Halogen, or otherwise.

Radiant heaters are lightweight and need very little maintenance. Therefore, you can move them around and install them with ease. There is a whole range of unit sizes and heat output capacities available. It does not matter if the area is small or large. You can get compact models that could heat an individual or longer models for whole seating areas. You can install multiple types and sizes throughout a space if you need. They are so discreet that they will not take over the room, and as you can control them all separately, you will have complete control of the climate. Some heaters even have remote controls that you can use to adjust the heat settings from a distance and control your running costs.

We have products from trusted manufacturers like MensaHerschel, Bromic, Solamagic, and Burda. We also have under table heaters that are small enough to fit under your outdoor furniture.

Gas heaters 

Gas patio heaters are like chameleons and can complement any outside spec. We have traditional, gas-burning heaters that give off heat and a wonderful glow. Also, we have real-flame panel and pyramid heaters. As they transfer heat via convection, loss can occur with wind. Gas heaters are most effective when the air is still, or the outdoor area is enclosed, like a beer garden.

Gas heaters can be the centrepiece and focal point for any commercial premises. You can sit around them like a wood-burning fire pit, only they give off much more heat and can burn for longer. The gentle, flickering dance of the fire is almost hypnotic and draws you closer. Moreover, they can be very persuasive. These heaters catch the eye of people walking past sand and convince you to stick around for one more drink.

Outside heaters fuelled by gas are portable and do not have wires. You can place them anywhere, as they do not need to be near an electric power source. They are self-contained and need connecting to a propane or butane tank. You can usually store the gas canister in the body of the heater for convenience and better aesthetics.

If you are looking for a gas heater for your patio, garden, or other outdoor space, you can choose from leading brands like Kratki, Woodford, Bromic, and Burda.

Why choose a gas or infrared outdoor heater?

Modern propane gas and electric outdoor heaters work quickly and efficiently. They emit enticing heat, which you can enjoy at any time. In addition, the technology is far more cost-effective than convection heaters and much more adaptable and safe.

Infrared heaters are usually made from lightweight and durable materials, like aluminium with a painted finish or stainless steel. The IP ratings can vary, with some offering a high level of water resistance. Others provide some protection for ingress, but you would need to keep them sheltered. Radiant heaters are incredibly portable, easy to use, and safe, but you need access to a power socket, so they're not always viable.

Gas heaters do not have electrical components. You can use them in wide-open outside spaces all year round and leave them out in any weather. As they produce carbon monoxide, the area needs lots of fresh air. These appliances are stainless steel with toughened or Quartz glass for corrosion and damage protection. They can be heavy, but they are portable because they don't need a power supply. To ensure the best performance, appearance, and service life, you should get protective covers when your heaters are not in use. The maintenance cost is something to consider.

Do garden patio heaters use a lot of electricity?

Infrared heaters are economical, safe, and a cheap way to heat an outside space. Even with rising energy costs, running a radiant heater wouldn't cost a considerable amount all day. But, that said, it will add to your bills, and using an electric heater consistently will wear out the elements, which cost to replace.

Gas garden heaters use butane or propane cylinders and cartridges. You can buy, rent, and refill these gas bottles at some home improvement DIY stores and petrol stations. However, regular gas refills can become expensive.

Alternatively, you could use a chimenea, wood burner, or fire pit to heat your patio or garden. They don't represent the most efficient way to heat a space, but you don't need power or a gas supply. You can burn deadwood or dry leaves from your garden to save on fuel costs. The downside is that the safety concerns of an open flame and outer casings can become very hot. You have to ensure children and animals don't go near the heat source, and you'd have to dampen the flame before leaving it unattended.

Power consumption & heat output

We sometimes relate the Wattage or kiloWatts of a heater with it's heat output, but that's not always the case. If you have a 2kW heater, that refers to the electricity a heater uses, and more kiloWatts does not always mean more heat. BTU stands for British thermal units, and it's the standard measurement of heat energy. The BTU of an appliance represents the amount of energy it takes to heat one pound of water (about a pint) by one degree Farenheit. It is a better measure of the effectiveness of a heater.

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