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Industrial Dehumidifiers

We have a huge range of industrial dehumidifiers for a variety of challenging applications. Heavy-duty dehumidifiers are suitable for large areas and more demanding environments, as they can cope with the heavy-duty use, regular transit, and large capacities of water extraction.

Industrial Dehumidifiers

Powerful & reliable drying solutions

National Heater Shops offers a great range of industrial dehumidifiers for sale. We supply equipment from some of the most trusted manufacturers. We resell Ecor Pro, Ebac, Calorex, Aerial, Woods, Thermobile, Dantherm, Dri-Eaz, Fral, Broughton, and Master. Heavy-duty dehumidifiers are suitable for big areas and more demanding environments. They can cope with heavy-duty use, regular transit, and large capacities of water.

Industrial designed dehumidifiers are perfect for the construction industry and other trades. You can use them to manage humidity in garages, workshops, warehouses, factories and more. Plus, they are suitable for manage humidity levels in sensitive production and storage areas. They are excellent drying solutions for areas with high humidity levels and help prevent the development of damp and mould. Dehumidifiers are also great for areas that have undergone construction or decorating work. They can help you stay on schedule and stick to deadlines. Drying machines cut the risk of falling behind because of wet conditions. In addition, you can use them to speed up the drying process of fresh concrete, plastering, and painting.

Heavy-duty dehumidifiers are an ideal solution for restoration and remediation. You can dry any area following a leak, flood or adverse weather. You can also use dehumidifiers alongside other appliances such as heaters, carpet dryers and floor dryers. Combining products achieves maximum drying results in a convenient time frame. Heaters help to draw moisture out of surfaces. Air movers help to improve airflow and evaporation times. Then, dehumidifiers remove the moisture from the space. This helps to dry the area effectively and prevent the effects of water damage and damp. So, no more mildew, mould, rot, corrosion, or the spread of bacteria.

Professional dehumidifiers come in all different sizes, suitable for different spaces. We provide portable, wall-mounted, and ductable models - plus large, free-standing appliances. You can push most units into place for temporary use, or you can install them. You can place them in-situ to dry the immediate area. You can install ductable models into adjoining areas. They fit into maintenance rooms, basements, and above suspended ceilings. This way, you can dry specific areas through ducts.

Robust, rugged and durable, dehumidifiers are easy to operate. Some have built-in humidistats. Others can connect to a remote humidistat so that you can control it from a distance. They are also easy to clean and maintain. More commercial dehumidifiers have large capacity water tanks or drain connections. A connection to a drain outlet allows the extracted water to flow out continuously. You can leave them unattended and running 24/7.

Refrigerant and compressor dehumidifiers are best suited to average to warm temperatures of around 5℃ - 40℃. Desiccant dehumidifiers are more effective in lower temperatures. Some models are capable of operating well below freezing to -20℃.

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