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Diesel Infrared Space Heaters

We sell a wide range of diesel infrared heaters from trusted manufacturers, including Arcotherm, Master, Airrex, SIP, and Thermobile. These reliable and effective products are well suited to heating commercial or industrial premises for the benefit of staff, customers, and stock.

Diesel Infrared Heaters

Radiant heaters for commercial & industrial premises

Diesel infrared heaters are perfect for commercial and industrial premises. They are easy to use, and you can feel the dry, clean, radiant heat instantly. These heaters create a warm, cosy environment that benefits contractors, staff, customers, and stock. These products are versatile, portable, and robust. Infrared heaters powered by diesel or paraffin are very efficient and cost-effective concerning running over long periods.

Infrared space heaters do not warm the surrounding air. Instead, they warm walls, furniture, objects, and people directly. The energy is stored within surfaces and radiated evenly, providing a comfortable and consistent level of heating. It is entirely natural and completely safe — the same kind of warmth that you would feel when sunbathing but without any harmful UV rays. You can also use these units for drying applications.

As these products heat areas without fans or air movement, they are perfect for professional on-site applications. You can use one in a workshop without noise or disturbing dust and blowing loose debris around the workspace. The wind does not affect radiant heat, so it is ideal for outdoor use. These heaters are great for external construction work at night or during colder months. They are also compact enough for you to transport and carry with ease.

Most of our catalogue should be used in wide open, well-ventilated indoor areas, like garages and warehouses. However, we also have an Airrex range that features a revolutionary patented oil burner and exhaust piping. The technology produces minimal emissions and is suitable for indoor use. An exhaust pipe to the outside is only necessary when the heater is used in fully enclosed premises and areas where people sleep.