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Infrared Wall Dryers

Our infrared wall dryers are designed to help speed up drying times of walls following leaks and floods, as well as construction, renovation and decorating work. They are slim, compact and robust, and they offer low heating capacities to dry walls gently without causing shrinking and warping.

Infrared Wall Dryers

Speed up drying times following water damage, construction & decorating work

Our infrared wall dryers are compact and portable infrared heating panels, designed to help dry out walls following water damage such as leaks and floods, as well as following construction, renovation and decorating jobs.

These easy to use, low noise and efficient heating panels come with stand included, so they can be positioned quickly and easily on the floor in rooms. They can also be mounted to walls directly.

Infrared building dryers increase the rate of drying in blockwork, plastering, painting, and more. Available in two sizes, and either with or without kWh meters, these wall drying panels are ideal for plasters, painters, decorators, builders, restoration professionals and other people in the wet-trade or construction industry. They help to speed up drying times and increase productivity.

Infrared technology is a completely safe and natural method of heating. It is efficient, cost effective and convenient. Infrared waves do not heat the air. They heat walls, floors, surfaces, objects and people directly. Our infrared wall dryers are low-powered and have extremely low running costs. They can be used on their own or they can be used with ventilation fans and dehumidifiers to create a complete drying system within a space.

HEYLO IRW200 Infred Heat Panel Wall Dryer: A small 220w infrared heating panel.

HEYLO IRW500 PRO Infrared Heat Panel Wall Dryer: A larger infrared heating panel with a kWh meter to monitor energy usage on the job.