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Infrared Heaters

We have a fantastic range of infrared heaters for sale from the best brands in the industry. Infrared is a natural and safe method of heating. It is also efficient, cost effective, and comfortable. We have a selection of stylish and discreet radiant heaters available. They are ideal for use in and around the home, offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, and other spaces.

Infrared Heaters

Electric, radiant space heating

While fan heaters warm up the air and circulate it around to heat the room or space, an infrared heater offers a more direct heating system and solution. They do not warm the air — instead, they warm walls, furniture, surfaces, and people within range. This is achieved using electromagnetic radiation. The heaters transfer energy to any body with a lower temperature. The heat is stored within objects and then radiated out evenly to heat the room. This direct warmth is comfortable and practical. In addition, this heating process is natural and safe. It is the same heat that you feel in the sunlight, but without harmful UV rays.

IR heaters are safe, cost-effective, and versatile. You can use them within indoor, outdoor, or semi-outdoor spaces. These radiant heaters are perfect for homes, offices, warehouses, church halls, patios, beer gardens, and more. As they are modern, they are compact, stylish, and suitable for easy DIY installation. You can find portable freestanding, ceiling and wall-mounted, and hanging designs. There is also a market for infrared panel heaters and infrared radiators as alternatives to central heating systems.

A huge range of designs and sizes are available, and they are easy to integrate because they are quiet and discreet. Many infrared heaters feature low glare or no glare lamps. This means that the infrared light is subdued. There is either no light emmited, or there is just a gentle glow that complements the environment. Depending on the model, the infrared heating elements can be made from ceramic, Quartz Tungsten, Quartz Halogen, or even metal wire.

If you have one eye on saving costs, these units are worth considering. Radiant heaters are sustainable and energy-efficient, with low runnings costs and minimal maintenance after installation. As they are electric, you can control them by a thermostat or even smart apps. You will have more control and can switch the heating off easily when it is not needed. You will save money and reduce waste. In addition, radiant heating creates less moisture than alternative methods. It is better for buildings, as it results in less humidity and condensation.