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Indirect Space Heaters

Indirect fired space heaters provide large volumes of 100% clean, fume-free, and warm air. This makes them ideal for heating indoor, enclosed, and poorly ventilated areas safely and effectively, such as enclosed workshops, halls, marquees, and other areas where there are people and animals.

Indirect Fired Diesel Space Heaters

Portable heaters for enclosed spaces

Indirect space heaters are designed for warming enclosed, indoor, and poorly ventilated spaces. They produce only clean, fume-free, warm air. You can use them for heating halls, marquees, galas, event tents, workshops, farmhouses, and a range of other indoors spaces safely.

Indirect heaters are like fuel-burning furnaces with chimneys in the way they work. The flame burns inside a combustion chamber and warms a heat exchanger. A fan at the back of the unit draws air in and passes it around the heat exchanger. The temperature of the air rises as it trajects into the space. The circulated air never touches the flame, and fumes expel through the exhaust.

You can place indirect diesel heaters outside the area you want to heat, and the clean, warm air can be ducted inside through flexible hoses. They keep an area heated without fumes, odours, or noise. Indirect diesel heaters are suitable for areas where there is people and animals present.

You can also use indirect models to heat spaces from inside, as they have a flue outlet. You place them in a suitable area, with access to plenty of air, and build a flue pipe chimney that leads out of a wall or roof. The heated air circulates directly while the fumes exhaust outside.

Indirect-fired heaters are highly versatile. As the discharge is 100% clean, you can use them in sensitive areas, such as food processing factories, oil refineries, foundries, or storage centres. With the output heat also dry, you can use it for drying applications and frost protection.

National Heater Shops has an extensive selection of indirect-fired diesel space heaters from trusted brands such as Master, Arcotherm, Heylo, and Thermobile. So, whether you need to heat a small workshop or large barn, we can find the perfect product for your needs. Our indirect heaters range from 20kW to 225kW, covering practically all purposes and applications. We have also created a range of marquee heating packages. Our packages include everything you need to get started right away, including FREE DELIVERY to mainland UK. For more in-depth advice, you can contact us online with LiveChat or telephone to speak to our sales team.