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Gas Space Heaters

Gas space heaters connect to a gas bottle containing propane or butane and burn efficiently to provide large volumes of warm air. These direct fired LPG heaters are for well-ventilated industrial and agricultural spaces. They must not be used in enclosed indoor spaces. We have a huge range of portable gas heaters available from trusted manufacturers such as Arcotherm, Master, SIP, and Thermobile.

Gas Space Heaters

Direct fired LPG heaters

Gas space heaters do not spread warmth through convection. Instead, they burn Propane or Butane gas that enters the appliance through an intake duct and is lit by pilot light. The flame warms up radiant tubing or refractory material. The objects and bodies then absorb the radiant heat in the area, which then re-radiate it evenly.

As liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) heaters produce radiant heat and do not spread warmth through convection, they are economical, efficient, and practical. They are perfect for wide-open working spaces, such as warehouses, workshops, garages, construction yards, barns, stables, and more. In addition, gas heaters are compact and portable, making them suitable for emergency and temporary heating when and where it is needed. Mobile gas heaters are easy to connect to gas canisters. They are also easy to ignite, with safe, straightforward controls.

Liquefied petroleum gas is a clean-burning fuel. While it is a fossil fuel and not entirely environmentally friendly, it does produce fewer carbon emissions than oil. However, burning LPG does produce Carbon Monoxide and moisture, so these direct heaters are unsuitable for indoor use or confined, poorly ventilated spaces.

National Heater Shops supplies a wide range of direct-fired gas space heaters from brands like Master, SIP, Thermobile, Arcotherm, Heylo, and Elite. These units are an excellent way to heat large, outdoor and semi-outdoor areas. LPG heaters are powerful and efficient. They provide large volumes of hot air and circulate it quickly.