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Master BLP 73M Direct LPG Gas Heater - Dual Voltage 73kW

  • Master BLP 73M Direct LPG Gas Heater - Dual Voltage
  • Master BLP 73M Direct LPG Gas Heater - Dual Voltage
  • Master BLP 73M Direct LPG Gas Heater - Dual Voltage
  • Master BLP 73M Direct LPG Gas Heater - Dual Voltage
  • High Quality Gas Heater
  • 53kW / 249,222 BTU Heating Capacity
  • 1450m3/h Airflow
  • Manual Ignition
  • Regulator & Gas Hose Included
  • Designed For Use In Well Ventilated Spaces
  • Ideal For Construction Sites, Agriculture & More
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3 Year Warranty
£558.00 (inc VAT)

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Fast, Efficient & Cost Effective Heat: Provides a simple, convenient and effective way of heating a range of outdoor and well-ventilated spaces. Please note, direct fired gas space heaters must not be used in indoor / poorly ventilated spaces.

Tough & Robust Construction: Built to perform in challenging areas, including construction sites, yards, workshops, warehouses, agriculture and more.

Portable Design: Compact design and carry handle makes this heater easy to transport and move around as required on site.

Manual Ignition: Simple manual start up - easy to use on site.

Regulator & Gas Hose Included: Everything you need to connect the heater to an LPG bottle.

High Quality Components: Electrovalve, safety gas valve with thermocouple, motor with thermal protection and safety valve on the regulator which stops the gas flow in case of cracks of the gas tube. These components help to ensure safe, reliable and effective performance.

Easy To Use Controls: No complex controls, for quick and easy use.

Adjustable Heat: Set the ideal heating level for your environment.

Overheat Thermostat: Shuts down the heater automatically if it overheats, to prevent accidents.

Dual Voltage Power: Choose between 240v or 110v - allowing the heater to be powered in a range of different areas easily.

Easy Maintenance: Quick & easy access to interior components for servicing and repair when required.


Master BLP73M Gas Heater

Tough, robust and effective 73kW gas heater

The Master BLP73M is an impressive 73kW direct fired gas space heater which warms air and circulates it around a space using an inbuilt fan. With an impressive air flow of 2300m³/h, his large gas space heater is ideal for indoor environments where there is lots of ventilation or outdoor environments. The Master BLP73M boasts a high performance stainless steel burner assembly with control box, thermostat and thermocouple with solenoid for gas flame safety.

Industrial Space Heater

Ideal for commercial & industrial areas

This 73kW propane gas space heater features a motor with thermal protection, variable heat settings, an overheat safety cut out, and a durable external body which makes this heater suitable for harsh working environments such as warehouses, construction sites and large factories.

Simple & Effective

Manual ignition for ease of use

This durable propane 73kW gas heater has been manufactured with heavy-duty stainless steel and features sturdy grab handles for easy maneuverability. It has been developed under strict manufacturing regulations and has undergone many quality assurance tests which ensure that it has been manufactured to the highest of standards. This Master gas heater is built with sturdy and long lasting materials which make it perfect for use in demanding environments like construction sites, warehouses and factories. With its manual ignition, this unit is simple and easy to use and maintain.


Master BLP73M - 73kW
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 685x276x444 mm
Weight: 17kg
Air Flow: 2300m³/h
Ignition: Manual
Voltage: Dual Voltage (240v / 110v)

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