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Direct Space Heaters

Direct fired diesel space heaters provide a fast and cost effective way of heating well ventilated and outdoor industrial areas. Powerful and efficient, these oil fired heaters are great at providing large volumes of warm air quickly and effectively. A great option for construction sites, warehouses, workshops, and garages with large open shutter doors.

Direct Fired Diesel Space Heaters

Effective & efficient heaters for well ventilated areas

Direct fired space heaters provide a cost-effective way of heating outdoor and well ventilated industrial areas with plenty of fresh air. The warm air that they circulate passes an open flame. This means they are 100% efficient, but the heat they produce contains fumes, odours, and moisture. Therefore, you should not use direct diesel heaters in enclosed areas with people, animals, or flammable materials.

Direct oil fired heaters are highly efficient and produce large volumes of warm air. In addition, they are durable and robust, perfect for busy industrial areas like warehouses, factories, garages, construction sites, hangars, and material yards. Direct space heaters are made of simple components to be compact, lightweight, and highly portable. They can also operate in colder temperatures and deliver high amounts of heat.

Our range of direct fired space heaters offers models in a wide range of sizes, from 10kW to over 100kw, from top brands like Arcotherm, Master, Sealey, Sip and Thermobile. These portable heaters can be moved to different areas with ease, and they are easy to set up and straightforward to use.