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  • Sealey AB7081 Direct Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v
  • Sealey AB7081 Direct Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v
  • Sealey AB7081 Direct Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v
  • Sealey AB7081 Direct Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v
  • Sealey AB7081 Direct Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v
  • Sealey AB7081 Direct Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v
  • Sealey AB7081 Direct Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v
  • Sealey AB7081 Direct Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v

Sealey AB7081 Direct Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v 20kW

  • 70,000 BTU/hr Portable Direct Heat
  • Runs on Kerosene or Diesel
  •  548m³/h Airflow
  • Automatic Safety Shut-Off
  • Wheel-Mount & Handle Frame
  • Integrated Adjustable Thermostat
  • Same-Day Dispatch (order before 12pm Mon-Fri)
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20kW Heat Output: Compact unit delivers powerful and consistent heating to industrial areas, such as warehouses, workshops and construction sites.

548m3/h Airflow: Great airflow for heating well-ventilated spaces up to 600m3.

Dual-Fuel Heater: Proven pump system can operate with either kerosene or diesel for convenience and versatility.

22 Litre Fuel Tank: Sufficient size for operating up to 11 hours on a single filling, presenting a very efficient and economical heating solution.

Reinforced Safety Features: Including an automatic flame-out and safety-cut off device if the flame is inadvertently extinguished, with an extra-large filter protects the compressor unit, ensuring a long-lasting, reliable heating operation.

Integrated Thermostat: Fitted with an inbuilt thermostat to regulate heat output and provide flexible temperature control. With dual LED displays indicating ambient and target temperature, use the variable dial to set a desired temperature for the heater to maintain, saving fuel and cutting costs.

Portable Design: Sturdy wheel-mount to support swift and safe transport.


Sealey AB7081 Space Warmer Dual-Fuel Heater

20kW Direct Fired Space Heater Ideal For Industrial Applications

Capable of producing 22kW of clean burning heat, with a 548m3/h airflow, the Sealey AB7081 Space Warmer promises to provide powerful heating to satisfy sufficiently ventilated industrial areas, such as workshops, garages and construction sites up to 600m3.

The 22-litre tank proports a maximum running time of 11 hours per single filling, creating and maintaining a comfortable working climate, whilst operating cost consciously and fuel efficiently.

Compatible for use with either kerosene or diesel, this dual-fuel space warmer offers a versatile and conveniently portable heating solution. Fitted with a sturdy wheel-mount so the heater can be easily transported to any location.

Employing the latest technology, the Sealey AB series achieves cleaner burning via the proven pump system. This ensures greater fuel economy and guarantees maximum heating efficiency. Equipped with a stainless-steel combustion chamber to ensure a cleaner burn of fuel.

The built-in thermostat regulates heat output and facilitates flexible temperature control. This is accompanied by an integrated dual LED display that shows the ambient temperature alongside the target. A desired target temperature can be set by simply turning the variable dial. So you can create the most comfortable climate to suit your specific heating needs.

Various smart safety features ensure that this Sealey AB space warmer is an ideal solution for safe, secure and sufficient heating. Including an automatic shut-off when the oil is drained, an extra-large filter protects the compressor unit and a flame-out device to cut off the fuel supply if the flame is inadvertently extinguished. Such safety features ensure compliance with rigorous standards. Trust in the Sealey AB7081 to supply a long-lasting, reliable heating solution for your well-ventilated space.

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Heat Output: 70,000BTU/hr (20kW)

Airflow: 548m³/h (323cfm)

Automatic Shut-Off: Yes

Motor Power: 230W

Fuel Tank Size: 22L

Fuel: Kerosene / Diesel

Approx. Heating Area: 21,200ft³ (600m³)

Net Weight: 15.4kg

Max. Running Time (per Filling): 11hr

Input Supply: 230V~50hz

Energy Rating: A

Transport Wheels: Yes


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