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Air Curtains

We have a fantastic range of air curtains available. Electric over door heaters separate the indoor and outdoor temperatures, maintaining a comfortable environment. They are perfect for commercial and industrial areas, such as shops, warehouses, offices, hospitals, kitchens, and more.

Air Curtains

Electric over door heaters

Over door heaters produce a pressured stream of air that blows across openings, from top to bottom. They separate the indoor and outdoor temperatures. Splitting the air allows you to keep internal air in and external air out to maintain comfortable environments. For example, you can keep buildings cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The way that they work prevents inside air from escaping and stops outside air from entering a building. By doing this, you retain heat, air conditioning, and clean air. As a result, you can heat and cool spaces without much loss, saving energy and reducing utility bills.

The blanket that air curtains create drastically reduces the number of flies and insects that can get in through an opening. In addition, you limit the number of contaminants that gain access, as you will block out dirt, smoke, odours, and more.

You can install air curtains over any opening or entrance that is used regularly. Some models fit above doors, shutters, rollers, gates, and service windows. The versatility of these products makes them perfect for a wide range of industries. For example, you can implement them in food production plans, restaurants, kitchens, supermarkets, hospitals, museums, and libraries. They are also suitable for warehouses, factories, garages, loading bays, hangars, and storage units, where large entrances might remain open for long periods.