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Cabinet Heaters

We have a great range of efficient and easy-to-use cabinet heaters available, from top brands including Master, Arcotherm, Thermobile, Reznor, and Mark. Enclosure heaters are great for a range of commercial & industrial spaces. We have compact diesel models for small workshops, and large industrial gas models for warehouses & factories. We also have units that can you can fuel with waste oil & bio fuels.

Cabinet Heaters

Enclosure space heaters

Cabinet heaters are powerful and reliable products for permanent installation. They are packed with features to maximise heating performance in large commercial and industrial environments that can be difficult to heat and keep warm. They are perfect for workshops, garages, warehouses, factories, and remote areas with no central heating.

These high-end enclosure heaters allow you to control the temperature with a built-in thermostat. The unit can be programmed to turn off once the area reaches a set ambient temperature. This way, you lower running costs and avoid overheating.

We can provide a solution, whether you are looking for a cabinet fuelled by diesel oil, waste oil, bio-oil, universal oil, propane gas, or natural gas. We have an extensive selection of heaters with capacities between 18kW and 400kW from top brands, including Master, Arcotherm, Thermobile, Reznor, and Mark. We even have package deals that include everything you need at a price lower than buying them separately, with free delivery.

Acortherm Cabinets: The Arcotherm Confort 100 (ErP), boasts a 94kW heating capacity, 7800m³/hr airflow, and a 110-litre fuel tank. The Arcotherm Vertigo has a heat output of 18kW, 1750m³/hr airflow, and a 35-litre fuel tank. There is plenty of choice with this brand, and something suitable for small or large spaces. We also have Arcortherm Heater Package Deals available.

Thermobile Cabinets: The powerful 97kW Thermobile ProHeat 100 (ErP) Oil Fired Heater has an impressive airflow of 8,800m³/hr and is part of a new generation of energy-related products from Thermobile. The 27kW Thermobile BioEnergy 1 offers an airflow of 1000m³/hr and can be used with Bio Fuels and waste oil. We also have Thermobile Heater Package Deals available.

Reznor Cabinets: Boasting a 145kW heat output, the Reznor FSE-GN145 Gas Fired Heater has an airflow of 10,900m³/hr and is fuelled by natural gas. This powerful industrial heater quickly and efficiently heats large spaces. It is ideal for vast, open areas like factories, warehouses, factories, and more.

Mark Fohn: From a heat output of 115kW with the Mark Fohn 115 Gas Fired Heater to 400kW with the Mark Fohn 400 Gas Fired Heater, these powerful three-phase vertical air heaters are ideal for warehouses, factories, museums, hospitals, and other spaces.