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  • Thermobile ProHeat 100 (ErP) Oil Fired Cabinet Heater - 3 Phase
  • Thermobile ProHeat 100 (ErP) Oil Fired Cabinet Heater - 3 Phase
  • Thermobile ProHeat 100 (ErP) Oil Fired Cabinet Heater - 3 Phase
  • Thermobile ProHeat 100 (ErP) Oil Fired Cabinet Heater - 3 Phase
  • Thermobile ProHeat 100 (ErP) Oil Fired Cabinet Heater - 3 Phase
  • Thermobile ProHeat 100 (ErP) Oil Fired Cabinet Heater - 3 Phase

Thermobile ProHeat 100 (ErP) Oil Fired Cabinet Heater - 3 Phase 97kW

  • 331,000 BTU/hr Heating Capacity
  • 8,800m³/hr Airflow
  • Integrated Thermostat & Fan-Only Facility
  • 2018 ErP Compliant
  • Optional Flue Kit & Fuel Tank Available
  • Choice of Standard or Swivel Head Outlet
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This product uses a 3-Phase power supply and will not work with a standard 110v or 240v 3-pin socket.

£5,640.00 (inc VAT)
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100% Clean Heat: Circulates 97kW of clean, safe and fume-free warm air, as all combustion byproducts are held within the heat exchanger and exhausted outside.

Plug & Play: Can be installed easily by any tradesperson. It simply needs a hole to be created in a wall for exhaust fumes to be flued outside, and then plugged into a 400v 3 phase supply.

Integrated Thermostat: Allows you to set a fixed temperature within the space. The heater will automatically switch itself on and off as required in order to maintain the required temperature, saving fuel, energy and money.

Fan-Only Facility: Allows the fan to be used alone without heat, effectively providing ventilation during summer months.

2018 ErP Compliant: The ProHeat series are fully Erp compliant, with reduced greenhouse gas emissions and achieving 92% heat efficiency and 72% seasonal efficiency.

Exhaust Gas Flue: 180mm diameter flue exhaust can be connected to vent fumes outside.

Standard & Swivel Head Outlets Available: The standard head features an outlet with surrounding adjustable louvres for equal air distribution. The louvres can be closed individually in order to direct warm air where desired. Alternatively, twin adjustable swivel heads are available, that can be rotated in order to direct heat as required.

Optional 200L Fuel Tank Available: Ideal for keeping the heater fuelled up on site. These cabinet heaters can also be fuelled using a variety of alternative external fuel tanks. 


Thermobile ProHeat 97kW ErP Industrial Cabinet Heater

Efficient. Safe. Professional.

The Thermobile ProHeat 100kW circulates 100% clean, fume-free heat, featuring multiple robust, resilient and premium-quality features all in one compact design. Boasting a huge 8,800m³/hr maximum airflow with a low-noise radial fan for efficient and equal heat distribution, this compact cabinet heater is an ideal solution for heating small industrial applications. This cabinet heater can run off multiple fuels - 28 sec fuels such as paraffin or kerosene, or 35 sec fuels such as diesel or heating oil. The choice is yours – whatever is most convenient for you! Irregardless, the Thermobile ProHeat 100 will keep your space warm and comfortable year-round.

Designed with a plug-and-play principle, this 3-phase clean-heat cabinet heater can be quickly and easily installed, by simply plugging the unit into any 400v socket and creating a small hole in the wall for flue. offering a convenient space-saving solution for busy commercial and garage workshops, valeting bays, showrooms and retail areas. The ProHeat range also provides fantastic frost protection for warehouses, factories and transit sheds. So, you can keep the workforce warm and comfortable while protecting equipment, stock and produce. The ProHeat will warm-up entire workshops in no time!

Space-Saving & Rapid Heating Solution

Robust. Resilient. Reliable.

The unit is equipped with high-quality features including the heat-resistant exchanger, oil burner, and four-sided adjustable diffuser head for maximum warm air distribution. This cabinet heater also features a built-in thermostat, allowing you to set a fixed temperature. The heater will operate in accordance to maintain your settings – saving fuel, energy, costs and adding extra convenience. With an exceptional 92% efficiency, trust in the ProHeat 100 to deliver cost-effective, energy and fuel-saving heating! Alongside the fan-only facility which enables ventilation in warmer months, the ProHeat is practical and versatile, offering year-round benefits.

New & Improved ErP Compliant Cabinet Heater

The complete package for clean, fume-free & effective heating

The ProHeat series are part of the new generation of 2018 ErP compliant cabinet heaters, with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, achieving a seasonal efficiency of more than 72%. This efficient cabinet heater features automatic operation function, with time delay for the fan to start-up until the heater sufficiently warms up. Meanwhile, the overheat shutdown function ensures safe temperatures at all times. So, you can trust in the ProHeat 60 to provide a safe and efficient heating solution – built to last!

Flue Kits & Attachments Available

Sold separately, the FKPH100 Stainless Steel Flue System is specifically designed for the ProHeat series, allowing you to safely exhaust combustion fumes out of the building via vertical installation. The flue kits include 5m of flue pipe, a rain cowl and a roof seal kit. We can also provide elbow extensions for the flue kits if required. Swivel head attachments are also available for these units, allowing you to direct the warm air flow as required. You can add these to your order using the dropdown options above. The ProHeat 100 is available with or without a 200 litre fuel tank. So, if you already have your own external fuel tank to supply the heater, you can select the unit without its own fuel tank. You can add these accessories to your order using the dropdown selectors above.


Heat Output Kw: 97.7kW
Heat Output Btu/hr: 333,352
Approx Fuel Consumption L/hr: 10.5
Heated Air Flow M3/hr: 8,800
Power: 3 Phase (400v)
Flue Connection: 180mm
Optional Fuel Tank Capacity: 200 litres
Dimensions (W x D x H)
(Standard Head, without optional fuel tank) 760 x 1400 x 2000 mm
(Standard Head, with optional fuel tank) 760 x 1400 x 2277 mm
(Swivel Head, without optional fuel tank) 760 x 1400 x 2230 mm
(Swivel Head, with optional fuel tank) 760 x 1400 x 2507 mm


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Professional quality and communication

Superb choice to purchase this, espcially with its quality and the speed of delivery

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High speed delivery means this arrived perfectly in time for my next job - works great thanks


Life saver

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Upstanding quality

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Great job everty time


10/10 service

Does exactly what it says on the tin, made to last and shipped out fast, thanks

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Very knowlegable team!

No nonsense, straight forward communication and fast delivery - really pleased


no nonsense

very happy about delivery time, let alone this reliable addition to our kit

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