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We have a wide range of heating equipment, portable space heaters, and fixed heating solutions available for all kinds of areas. Whether you are looking for a compact electric fan heater, portable gas heater, industrial diesel heater, waste oil cabinet heater or patio heater, we can provide a suitable solution for effective heating.

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Heating Equipment & Space Heaters

Portable & fixed heaters for domestic, commercial & industrial use

Heaters improve comfort and the ambient conditions for indoor and outdoor areas. You can use them at home for extra heating, temporary heating in rooms you do not use often, and emergency heating if you have no central system or radiators stop working. Heating is important for better general health and well-being during colder weather. Homes should be comfortable, and guidance suggests workplaces should be at least 16ºC, or 13ºC if the work is physical.

What is a space warmer & what type do I need?

Space warmers are individual, self-contained appliances you can use to heat specific areas. They use energy or fuel to produce heat. The heat produced circulates either by an in-built fan or via infra-red technology. Modern space warmers are much more robust and effective than older types, like oil-filled radiators and storage heaters.

Some room heaters are versatile enough to use with ducting so that you can heat more than one area. They are ideal for emergency or temporary applications. You can use them for marquees, construction sites, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, and more. Larger industrial heaters designed for static installation are best for big, open spaces like hangars, airports, or something similar.

We have a massive range of portable and fixed heaters available to buy online or over the phone. Our catalogue features some of the most reputable manufacturers in the business. We sell Arcotherm, Broughton, Master, Reznor, Sip, Thermobile and more. We supply heaters for all kinds of applications. We aim to cover all domestic, commercial, and industrial needs. So, whatever the problem, whatever heat setting you need, we can provide the ideal solution.

Electric heaters

Electric fan heaters provide a fast, clean and portable electric option. They feature a heating element and an internal fan. The fan draws air in, pushes it over the heating element to warm the air. It then pushes the heated air through the front outlet. Electric fan heaters are available in a choice of different sizes. Our 240v fan heaters have outputs of up to 3kW. They are ideal for the home, offices, shops, bars, restaurants, workshops, and more. We also have larger 400v 3-phase industrial electric fan heaters available. These units have outputs up to a huge 42kW. Industrial fan heaters are ideal for factories, construction sites, and other large areas.

Gas heaters

LPG heaters are fuelled using propane gas bottles. They feature an internal fan that draws air into the heater. They heat the air with a flame and blow the air out the front of the heater. These units are cheap to run and provide huge volumes of warm air. You must only use gas heaters in outdoor and well-ventilated areas. You must not use them in enclosed indoor environments. These heaters are popular for construction sites, warehouses, garages, and outdoor events.

Indirect fired diesel heaters

Indirect fired diesel heaters burn diesel fuel to heat air. An internal fan blows the warm air out the front of the heater. They also feature a heat exchanger and flue system. The flue expels the fumes that get produced during combustion out of the top of the heater. This process means that  they only deliver clean, fume free, dry, and warm air. You can vent this clean, warm air into areas using ducting. You can also place the heater inside a space if you vent the exhaust outside using a flue pipe. Indirect oil-fired heaters are ideal for the marquee hire and events industries. They are superb temporary and emergency heating solutions for outside tents and halls. As indirect units provide dry heat, they are also used in construction and industry. We have a top selection of marquee heaters and packages available. These deals include an indirect heater along with ducting, flue, thermostat, and more. They feature everything you need together at a great price!

Direct fired diesel heaters

Direct fired diesel heaters burn diesel fuel to heat air. An internal fan blows the air out of the front of the unit. But, direct fired heaters do not feature a flue system. The fumes produced during combustion exit the heater with the warm air. These heaters are cheap to run and very efficient. But, they are only suitable for outdoor and well-ventilated areas. You can use them for construction sites, warehouses, and garages. Any area with access to a fresh air supply is ideal, like with large, open shutter doors. You must not use them in indoor or enclosed spaces.

Cabinet heaters

Cabinet heaters need minimal installation. You can use them in large industrial environments. They are ideal for workshops, warehouses, and factories. Enclosure heaters burn either diesel or gas fuel, depending on the model. They have an internal fan system that draws air in from the space and then blows warm out of the heater. The fumes produced during combustion exhausted out of the unit through a flue. You can install the chimney through an external wall or roof.

Infrared heaters

Infrared heaters work in a different way than fuelled heaters. Instead of heating the air, infrared radiation heats surfaces and people directly. They are ideal for use in places where airflow would cause disruption, like woodwork workshops. Radiant heating also energy-efficient. They are suitable for outdoor and well-ventilated areas where heating the air would waste energy. We have wall-mounted, panel heaters, diesel heaters, patio heaters, portable infrared heaters and halogen heaters available.

Patio heaters

Our patio heater range includes both gas patio heaters and electric outdoor heaters. You can use them for personal gardens, patios, and terraces. Outdoor patio heaters are also great for pub gardens, restaurant terraces, hotels, and events.

We also have a shop by application section. There, you can view a selection of heaters for specific applications. This section is ideal if you are looking for a garage or orkshop heaterfarm heater, or greenhouse heater. We have put together the best options for each purpose.

How long can you leave a heater on for?

With modern technology, you can leave heating equipment on for longer and it will still be safe. Sometimes, it can depend on the type or quality of the heater. For example, you can leave a high quality electric fan or infrared heater on for as long as you need it. High end models will easily run for 10 hours and more, and they are quite energy efficient. LPG or diesel heaters will run as long as they have fuel. The run times will depend on the fuel supply, consumption rate, and the settings you use. If you have a heater burning at maximum temperature, it will use up the fuel quicker. You can run some upscale cabinet heaters for up to an estimated 25 hours, depending on circumstances.

Emergency & temporary heaters

You might need a portable emergency or temporary heater when your regular source of heat leaves you in the lurch suddenly during the winter months. Portable electric heaters are great for heating your home, or enabling you to continue to work when a broken heating system could significantly reduce productivity. Cold conditions can end up in thousands of pounds of lost revenue for construction sites or factories. If you experience a power cut, you can still use LPG heaters, but they aren't safe to use indoors unless the space is highly ventilated with fresh air, because of the fumes.

Power consumption & heat output

We sometimes relate the Wattage or kiloWatts of a heater with it's heat output, but that's not always the case. If you have a 2kW heater, that refers to the electricity a heater uses, and more kiloWatts does not always mean more heat. BTU stands for British thermal units, and it's the standard measurement of heat energy. The BTU of an appliance represents the amount of energy it takes to heat one pound of water (about a pint) by one degree Farenheit. It is a better measure of the effectiveness of a heater.


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What our customers say

  • The small package by master heating

    It's a very compact heater, much smaller than I was expecting but the heat it's banging out is truly shocking! I'm glad I didn't pay extra for the medium, the guys here know what they're on about.

    Mr Holder

  • The small package by master heating

    It's a very compact heater, much smaller than I was expecting but the heat it's banging out is truly shocking! I'm glad I didn't pay extra for the medium, the guys here know what they're on about.

    Mr Holder

  • The small package by master heating

    It's a very compact heater, much smaller than I was expecting but the heat it's banging out is truly shocking! I'm glad I didn't pay extra for the medium, the guys here know what they're on about.

    Mr Holder

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