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  • Reznor UDSA100 Suspended Gas Fired Unit Heater
  • Reznor UDSA100 Suspended Gas Fired Unit Heater
  • Reznor UDSA100 Suspended Gas Fired Unit Heater
  • Reznor UDSA100 Suspended Gas Fired Unit Heater
  • Reznor UDSA100 Suspended Gas Fired Unit Heater
  • Reznor UDSA100 Suspended Gas Fired Unit Heater

Reznor UDSA100 Suspended Gas Fired Unit Heater 97kW

  • High Quality Gas Heating Unit
  • 97kW Heating Capacity/ 330977.774 BTUhr
  • Huge 10,360 m3/h Airflow
  • Fuelled By Natural Gas (Propane Model Available)
  • Designed To Be Suspended From Ceilings
  • Axial Fan For Free Blowing Applications
  • Versatile Flue Options Available
  • Ideal For Workshops, Warehouses, Factories & More
1 Year Warranty


100% Clean, Fume-Free Heat: Only clean, fume-free warm air is blown out of the heater, meaning it is suitable for heating enclosed, poorly ventilated space. It is ideal for garages, factories, warehouses, workshops, sports halls and more.

97kW Heating Capacity: Excellent heat capability for a compact and discreet heating unit.

Flue Connection: Combustion by-products are exhausted out of the flue exhaust. Sections of flue pipe are available separately, allowing you to safely vent exhaust fumes away from the space horizontally through a wall, vertically through a roof, or a combination of both.

Four Suspension Points: These inbuilt suspension points have M10 female thread for quicker and easier installation, allowing suspension from ceilings.

Titanium Stabilised Aluminised Steel Heat Exchanger: High quality component that offers efficient heating (92%) and enhances the service life expectancy of the heater. Its aerodynamic profile offers a minimal resistance to the airflow, to give longer air throw.

High Capacity Axial Fan: Designed for free blowing applications (without ducting). The fan provides excellent air throw, huge 10,360 m3/h airflow and even heat distribution throughout the space. The fan is made of durable aluminium, it is corrosion resistant and housed separately to the other components.

Self-Aligning Modulating Burner: With multi-try ignition to maximise its reliability, ensuring the heater will always start when it is needed.

Differential Pressure Switch: Shuts down the unit in the event of inadequate combustion air, blocked flue or flue fan failure, ensuring safety and reliability.

Durable Room Seal: Prevents the ingress of dirt, dust, water, and other particles that could damage the combustion system or affect its performance.

Propane Option Available: This heater is designed to be fuelled by natural gas, however a model specified for use with propane can be ordered. The heater and its flue system must be installed by a qualified heating engineer.

Reznor SmartCom Control Panels Available: Allow you to control the heater from a remote location. They are user-friendly units that offer adjustable temperature control and fan settings, self adapting optimum start and stop function which turns the heater on or off automatically to maintain the correct climate. You can programme the panel for all of your specific requirements, so you do not have to alter the settings manually each day. The Reznor SmartCom can communicate with up to 15 units which can all be centrally controlled by the one master control unit.


Reznor UDSA100 Suspended Gas Heater

97kW gas-fired space heater

The Reznor UDSA100 is a technically advanced gas-fired heater. It has been designed to deliver outstanding performance, energy efficiency, and incredible reliability. The UDSA100 is a versatile space heater with a robust, compact, aerodynamic design that can be suspended from a ceiling. It can also be mounted on any suitable non-combustible support. The Reznor UDSA100 heater is ideal for use in workshops, garages, factories, warehouses, halls, retail outlets, sports halls, and more. It provides a powerful 97kW supply of warm air to heat large areas when it is needed most. It is also safe to use in enclosed and densely populated commercial or industrial spaces. The integrated high capacity axial fan provides an improved airflow rate of 10,360m3/h. The axial fan and the horizontal and vertical louvres provide greater air throw for even heat distribution throughout an entire space. The improved airflow reduces preheat times and reduces the temperature gradient that can occur from the floor to the ceiling in large spaces. The titanium stabilised aluminised steel heat exchanger achieves 92% thermal efficiency and ensures long service expectancy. The modulating burner provides more reliability because of the multi-try ignition technology, which ensures that the heater always starts up when it is needed. The heater unit is room sealed to prevent the common ingress such as dirt, dust, and water from entering the combustion system and causing any damage or impairing its performance. The Reznor USDA100 suspended gas heater is a 230v piece of equipment that requires a single-phase electrical supply. The heater uses natural gas (G20) as standard, but you can also order a model specified for Propane (G31).

Optimised Control

Simple. Convenient. Programmable.

The Reznor UDSA100 suspended fan heater is compatible with Reznor SmartCom control panels. SmartCom control panels offer you a greater level of control over your suspended heater from a remote location. They are user-friendly units that feature adjustable heat settings plus access to all of the basic functions that you would expect, including temperature control and fan settings. There is also a self adapting optimum start and stop function that uses the integrated air temperature sensor. This automatically turns the Reznor UDSA suspended gas heater on or off to maintain the correct climate. You can programme the panel for all of your specific requirements, so you do not have to alter the settings continually. There are daily on and off periods, seven-day programming, overtime, holidays, day, night, frost settings, and more. The programmes, functions and settings are all designed to deliver optimum efficiency and reduce running costs. There is an alphanumeric backlit display which allows for easy viewing and displays clock updates, temperature functions, settings, and service data logging for system overviews and maintenance. The Reznor SmartCom can communicate with up to 15 units which can all be centrally controlled by the one master control unit. Optional password protection can be set for added security. Passwords can help prevent any unauthorised access and system tampering.

Versatile Installation

Multiple unit & flue orientation

The Reznor UDSA100 space heater is designed to be totally versatile and adaptable. It can be installed conveniently in any space that needs a robust and effective climate control system. This gas-fired suspended heater has a reduced weight and can be suspended above head height from a ceiling. It features four inbuilt suspension points that have an M10 female thread for quicker and easier installation. If needed, the Reznor UDSA100 can also be mounted onto a suitable support instead. This must be a sturdy, non-combustible structure. We have 130mm diameter flue terminals available separately. They can be installed through a wall or roof in order to vent off the exhaustsafely outside. The balanced flue terminal allows the combustion air inlet and the outlet flue to work through a single building penetration. Alternatively, you can have separate combustion air inlet and outlet flue pipes. The 130mm diameter flues can be installed either through a wall, roof, and even both depending on what is best for a specific location. They come in either 250mm or 1m length sections, and there are 90° bend sections available too. More than one pipe can be used for each installation, with a maximum total distance of up to 9 metres. This distance is reduced by 1.5 metres for every 90° bend that is fitted. You can also purchase an additional Remote SmartCom Warm Air Sensor, 3/4" Flexible Gas Connector, 3/4" Gas Valve, 130mm Vertical Cowl, and a Cowl Flashing Plate.

Reznor UDSA suspended gas heaters must be installed by a qualified heating engineer. We may be able to recommend trusted installers for your area if you need some guidance. Order your Reznor UDSA100, flue pipe kits, and SmartCom control panels online or by calling us directly to talk to a member of our sales team. Our team has a wealth of experience and can help with any concerns or questions that you might have.


Nominal heat output kW: 97
Airflow m3/h: 10360
Temperature rise K: 28
Horizontal throw m: 39
Noise level @ 5m2 (Q=2, A=160m2) dB(A): 60
Gas Consumption
Natural gas G20 m3/h: 11.18
Propane G31 kg/h: 8.24
Gas connection Rc: 3/4"
Mounting height(s)
Horizontal m: 4 - 5
Vertical downflow m: 9 - 12
Total electrical Rating W: 960
Net weight kg: 179
Dimensions (W x H x L) mm: 1040 x 866 x 1097
Flue & combustion air collars Ø mm: 130

Customer Reviews


After testing this out I wanted to say how fantastic it is, arrived swiftly and oustanding customer service

marcus rolls

Easy to use

Better quality than any others I've had before! Fast delivery too, robust product

Mr Frost

love it

I thoroughly believe you wont find a better deal and experience elsewhere. Fast shipping, helpful customer service, high product quality.

kevan birkholm

Brilliant addition

Mr Grunwald


Mr Whiteley


Njal Liddell

Resilient kit

Impeccable customer service and communication for my questions, delivered quickyl too

remo werakso

what would I do without this?

reliable addition to our work, don't know what we'd do without it now

Angus Beck

So pleased

nick hargrave



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