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Industrial climate control solutions for every application

Reznor has been at the forefront of heating, ventilation and air conditioning for more than a century after it developed the first gas fired domestic unit heaters in 1920.

Since then, the company has continued to deliver effective and economical products, as well as solutions, through expertise, partnership and innovation.

Reznor offers the widest and most complete range of HVAC products on the market. This extensive product range and wealth of knowledge allows the firm to work with customers to design the most efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions to meet any unique requirements.

National Heater Shops is an offical online supplier of Reznor, which was previously known as Ambirad. Our extensive range of climate control products range from Reznor include the top-of-the-range Reznor FSE-GN145 Gas Fired Cabinet Heater (145kW) to the more cost-effective Reznor UDSA050 Suspended Gas Fired Unit Heater (49kW).