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Cooling Fans

We have a great selection of portable cooling fans available to order online or over the phone, ideal for keeping cool & comfortable on warm days. Our range of cooling fans offers sleek, stylish & efficient models for home & commercial use, as well as industrial cooling fans from top brands like SIP and Broughton - ideal for workshops, garages, warehouses & more.

Cooling Fans

Powerful airflow to keep cool & comfortable during warm summer months

We have an excellent range of cooling fans available to order online or over the phone, manufactured by some of the most reputable and reliable brands in the business, such as Boneco, SIP, Broughton & Master. These fans can be used on their own to provide a comfortable and cooling source of airflow on warm days, or they can be used in conjunction with an air conditioning system to improve airflow and increase the efficiency of the system.

Our selection of cooling fans includes sleek and stylish models for home use or commercial use in offices, restaurants and bars; as well as heavy duty industrial cooling fans for workshops, warehouses, garages and factories.

Boneco fans are modern, efficient and minimalist cooling fans, designed for use in the home and in commercial spaces like offices, shops, bars and restaurants. These 'air shower fans', such as the Boneco F230, offer superior air circulation due to their high quality Swiss design and engineering. Their single arm design not only looks contemporary and stylish, but also allows for maximum air intake. The deep pitch fan blades draw large amounts of air through the fan and the uniquely curved shape of the front grid boosts the speed of the outlet air. The fan head on Boneco fans can be rotated 270 degrees, allowing it to be pointed in the most effective direction for your needs. Boneco fans can be pointed towards the ceiling, for the signature air shower feeling and to cirulate air effectively to reduce hot and cold spots within a room.

Our range of industrial cooling fans includes SIP workshop fans, floor fans and drum fans. These portable fans are industry standard pieces of equipment for cooling workshops, warehouses, garages, factory floors and other large industrial spaces. We also have Broughton Mighty Breeze industrial cooling fans available - these tough and robust fans are widely stocked by hire companies due to their powerful and effective cooling capacity, and their robust and hard-wearing design. Our industrial fans are capable of moving large volumes of air in large spaces, to effectively cool the space. They are also great for ventilating areas to remove smells, fumes and smoke. Take a look at our range of SIP fans, Master fans and Broughton Mighty Breeze industrial fans on our website.

You can order a cooling fan for your home or business online or over the phone. For more information and advice on our range of portable fans, contact our expert sales team online or via telephone.