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  • Sealey HVF24S 24
  • Sealey HVF24S 24
  • Sealey HVF24S 24
  • Sealey HVF24S 24

Sealey HVF24S 24" Orbital Fan 230v 9,318 m³/hr

  • 9,318m³/h Airflow
  • 3-Pin Plug
  • 24" Fan Diameter
  • 2 Wind Speeds
  • Reinforced Gauge Steel Construction
  • Orbit-Like 360° Tilt Function
  • Same-Day Dispatch (order before 12pm Mon-Fri)
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Strong Airflow: The Sealey HVF24S, which has a maximum airflow of 9,318m³/h, is ideal for large commercial and industrial spaces because the powerful airflow effectively ventilates the spaces.

Orbital Design: The fan combines a 360° horizontal tilt function with a 360° vertical rotational axis, literally allowing for the airflow to be directed anywhere, like an orbit or using a gimbal.

2 Wind Speeds: Using the switch on the back of the Sealey fan, you can select your preferred airflow from two wind speeds that range in speed from 1100 to 1350 rpm.

Gauge Steel Construction: The casing, guard and frame of the Sealey HVF24S are made of gauge steel, which ensures a high-quality finish and lengthens its longevity.

Safe & Efficient Operation: The blades are carefully balanced and completely guarded so that the HVF24S can operate without putting the operator or bystanders at risk. It also minimises downtime due to blade damage.

Superb Portability: The portable fan can be moved around effortlessly to find the best cooling spot with its two robust castors and convenient handles.

3-Pin Plug: You can use the fan in any standard electrical outlet with the plug. It is safer than the 2-pin one as the amount of power that can flow through the circuit is limited.


Sealey HVF24S 24" Orbital Fan

Extremely flexible cooling fan with an orbit-like movement

The Sealey HVF24S is an ideal choice for large commercial and industrial areas, such as factories and warehouses, thanks to its exceptional airflow capacity of up to 9,318m³/h. With two wind speed options ranging from 1100 to 1350 rpm, you can easily select the desired airflow through a switch located on the back of the drum fan. This high level of airflow effectively ventilates and circulates air in the space, creating a comfortable environment. Furthermore, this fan is suitable for use in various sectors, including industrial, commercial, agricultural, automotive workshop and showroom applications.

The Sealey HVF24S boasts a stunning orbital design that offers a huge amount of flexibility. Combining a 360° horizontal tilt function with a 360° vertical rotational axis, the fan can move like an orbit or a gimbal, allowing the airflow to be directed anywhere you want. It also provides a safe and reliable operation thanks to its carefully balanced and fully guarded blades, which minimise the risk of accidents for both the operator and bystanders. In addition, the guards help reduce downtime due to blade damage. The Sealey industrial fan is built to last with its heavy-duty gauge steel construction that includes a sturdy casing, guard, and frame. The use of gauge steel not only guarantees a high-quality finish but also extends the unit's longevity, making it a robust and reliable choice.

The portable Sealey fan offers unparalleled convenience with its effortless manoeuvrability. Equipped with two sturdy castors and convenient handles, you can easily move the fan to the ideal cooling spot. These handy features allow for precise control of airflow wherever it's needed. The HVF24S drum fan comes with a 3-pin plug that can be used in any standard electrical outlet. This plug is safer than the 2-pin one, as it limits the amount of power that can flow through the circuit, ensuring safety while using the fan.


Current: 0.52A
Fan Diameter: Ø610mm(24")
Maximum Airflow: 155.3m³/min(5484cfm)
Net Weight: 17.11kg
Power: 116.32W
Maximum Fan Flow Rate (F): 155.3m³/min
Fan Power Input (P): 116.3 W
Service Value (SV): 1.34(m³/min)/W
Standby Power Consumption (Psb): 0.0W
Fan Sound Power Level (Lwa): 84dB(A)
Maximum Air Velocity (c): 3.7m/s
Speed Range: 1100-1350rpm
Speeds: 2
Supply: 230v

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