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Workshop Heaters

We have a fantastic collection of workshop heaters for sale. Our range includes electric, infrared, fan, cabinet & indirect oil-fired space heaters. You often find portable and installable units in garages, units, and other premises. They heat workspaces comfortably and create better conditions.

Workshop Heaters

Ideal space heaters for garage workshops & units

National Heater Shops supply a wide range of workshop heaters. We provide units from trusted brands like Master, Elite, Herschel, Thermobile, Dania, Broughton, Canon, Arcotherm, Reznor and Airrex.

Workshops can become cold and draughty in the winter months, and working in these conditions can be problematic or even dangerous. Therefore, keeping a workshop space warm is essential to make it habitable and comfortable. A warm temperature protects tools, machinery and products from the cold, and there is no loss of productivity.

Heaters for workshops, garages, and other units are varied. There are a great number of temporary and portable options that are ideal for domestic and professional workspaces.

Electric Heaters

Infrared — Infrared units are an excellent choice for workshops since they heat objects and people rather than the air around them. They are a safe and natural heating solution. Infrared heaters are also energy-efficient, cost-effective, and very versatile. The units are compact, lightweight, quiet, easy to use, and practical.

Fan — Fan heaters offer fast and clean warm air for almost any kind of space. They are very compact and lightweight so that you can move them with ease. Fan heaters are available in a wide range of power capacities, and we have 1.5kW — 42kW models in our product range.

Cabinet Heaters

Diesel oil — Cabinet heaters are ideal for heating commercial and industrial spaces. They have narrow profiles, and they are easy to install. Cabinet heaters also offer excellent heating power, and they have large fuel tanks for long-running.

Biofuel — You can run bio-oil heaters on rapeseed oil, certain vegetable oils, and waste oils, as well as diesel and kerosene. These units are versatile but also powerful and very cost-effective.

Industrial Space Heaters

Indirect oil-fired — Indirect space heaters provide large volumes of clean, fume-free warm air. You place them outside the area you want to heat and duct the warm air inside. Any fumes are then expelled outside via the heater's exhaust safely. Indirect heaters are powerful, portable, and versatile.

Suspended gas-fired —  You install gas-fired industrial air heaters overhead, leaving floor space clear. With their powerful air throw, they can quickly up heat large areas. Suspended heaters create comfortable conditions in all kinds of rooms. They are also safe, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

Diesel-fuelled infrared — Airrex diesel infrared heaters feature a revolutionary patented oil burner and exhaust piping. They produce minimal exhaust emissions, making them suitable for indoor use. These diesel-fuelled infrared space heaters offer low fuel consumption, minimal odours, thermostatic control, and silent operation. They do not have fans, so they do not blow dust around spaces.

Need help deciding on a workshop heater? Enquire online via LiveChat or over the phone with our sales team for more information or advice. You can order online or over the phone.