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Workshop Heaters

Our range of workshop heaters includes compact electric fan heaters & infrared heaters for spot heating, as well as portable space heaters, cabinet heaters & waste oil heaters for heating large industrial units. We are authorised sellers of top brands including Arcotherm, Broughton, Master, Reznor & Thermobile!

Workshop Heaters

Keep warm & comfortable during cold winter months

National Heater Shops is an expert in industrial heating. We have some of the best workshop heaters available on the market, from top brands such as Arcotherm, Broughton, Master, Reznor and Thermobile. Our range offers something for everyone. Whether you need a small portable workshop heater or a fixed industrial heater, we can provide the best solution.

Effective heating in your workshop helps to keep you and other workers warm and comfortable during colder spells. It also helps to prevent frost damage to materials, equipment and machinery.

What is the best way to heat a workshop?

The best heater for your workshop will depend on the size of your building and whether you want to heat the whole space or just a small area where you work.

We can supply small 3kW electric fan heaters such as the Elite EHFH for heating a small area, or an infrared workshop heater such as the Broughton RG308 for spot heating. If you are looking to heat your whole workshop or industrial unit, we can supply oil fired space heaters, LPG heaters and cabinet heaters. They provide large volumes of warm air.

What is the safest way to heat a workshop?

Electric heaters, indirect fired heaters and cabinet heaters produce 100% clean, fume-free warm air, so they can be used safely in enclosed indoor spaces. LPG space heaters and direct oil fired space heaters must only be used in spaces with adequate ventilation, to prevent a build-up of harmful exhaust fumes or oxygen depletion.

What is the most economical way to heat a workshop?

An infrared workshop heater provides a really economical method of workshop heating, as infrared heats objects, surfaces and people directly rather than air. This is especially useful in large premises where you are only working in one specific area, as heating the air within the space would be a waste of energy.

Waste oil workshop heaters once provided the most economical way of heating a workshop or garage, as they could be fuelled for free using waste oil from day to day activities. Now though, licenses are required to burn waste oil, so they are less economical now.

Types of Workshop Heater

Electric Workshop Heaters

Our range of electric fan heaters includes 3kW fan heaters that can be run on a standard domestic 240v electricity supply, as well as 110v options for site use. We also offer larger industrial electric heaters which run on 400v (3-phase) power supply, offering heat outputs of up to 42kW. Broughton EAP is a brand renowned for its range of electric heaters. The Broughton FFVH32 is an 18kW upright fan heater with an inflatable diffuser, which offers 360 degree heat output to heat workshops, garages and industrial units effectively.

Infrared Heaters

We have a great selection of compact and portable radiant heaters, ideal for use in garages, workshops and other large industrial spaces. They can be used to heat specific areas within larger spaces, offering a more efficient method of heating. The Broughton RG308 is a great all round portable infrared workshop heater, while the Herschel IRP4 offers a ceiling mounted solution. As these electric infrared heaters produce clean heat, they can be used in enclosed indoor spaces or in draughty, ventilated spaces.

Diesel-fuelled infrared heaters such as the Airrex AH-300i offer higher temperature output, for heating larger industrial spaces. As this particular range produces such a little amount of exhaust fumes, it is safe to use indoors in a ventilated space.

As infrared heaters produce no airflow, they are great for use in dusty or dirty environments.

Gas Workshop Heaters

Propane space heaters offer huge amounts of warm air and they are available in a wide range of sizes. They connect quickly and easily to a propane gas bottle, they are cheap to run and they are very simple to operate. They are ideal for well ventilated spaces, such as workshops and garages with large open shutter doors. They must not be used in enclosed indoor spaces.

Diesel Workshop Heaters

There are two types of portable diesel space heater available – direct fired heaters and indirect fired heaters. Direct fired heaters offer an efficient method of producing large volumes of warm air, however they must only be used in well ventilated spaces. They must not be used in enclosed indoor spaces.

Indirect fired heaters feature a flue system, so they blow only clean warm air out of the front of the unit. Exhaust fumes are expelled out of the top of the machine via the flue. The warm air can be ducted into the space, or the heater can be placed inside and a flue set up to exhaust the fumes outside.

These oil fired space heaters are available in a wide range of sizes to suit everything from small workshops, right up to large factories and production facilities.

Industrial Cabinet Heaters

Cabinet heaters are designed to be permanently installed in the workshop. We have models that can run on oil such as diesel, heating oil, kerosene and even bio-fuels. We also have a range of gas cabinet heaters.

These fixed industrial heaters are available in a wide range of sizes, from the slim and compact Arcotherm Vertigo 18kW cabinet heater, up to the 300kW Powrmatic CPx300. They provide high volumes of 100% clean warm air.

Multi Fuel / Waste Oil Workshop Heaters

Waste oil cabinet heaters, also known as multi fuel heaters, can be fuelled using bio fuels, rapeseed oil and certain vegetable oils, as well as waste engine oil. These heaters are often used in garage workshops to provide a convenient and effective source of heat.

If you need help deciding on which heater is right for you, enquire online via LiveChat or over the phone with our sales team for more information or advice.