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Electric Panel Heaters

We have electric panel heaters available in a range of sizes. These slim & compact space heaters can be used freestanding or wall-mounted. They offer a fast & effective source of heat for home offices, conservatories, outbuildings & more.

Electric Panel Heaters

Fast & effective heating for bedrooms, small offices, conservatories & more

Electric panel heaters provide a fast, effective and controllable source of heat. They have a slim design and they can be used freestanding or mounted to a wall.

These space heaters are ideal for heating up rooms in the home and in commercial spaces, that are less frequently used - such as bedrooms, studies, conservatories and loft conversions. They are not supposed to be used as permanent heating systems, but rather to heat the room up and take the chill off when you are using the space.

Our Prem-I-Air Slimline electric panel heaters feature a 7 day hour-by-hour programmable timer, allowing you to set the heater to turn on and off at a certain time, so you can set the heater to come on just before you come home, to greet you with a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

How do electric panel heaters work?

Electric panel heaters are convection heaters. They work by heating the cold air in the room in a cycle. They start by passing cool air from the room through the heater. As the air is warmed, it comes out of the heater and then rises, pushing the cooler air in the room down. This creates what is known as a convection heating cycle, where the cooler air in the room sinks, goes through the heater and then rises when it gets warm until all of the air in the room is heated and a constant temperature has been achieved.

Reasons to use an electric panel heater:

You need heating for a room that you only use occasionally, such as a home office or a spare bedroom.

You are looking to heat a room for only a short period of time, such as a utility room or a conservatory.

You require a heater to back up your main heating system. This can be anything from backing up storage heaters that are frequently running out of charge, or larger rooms that do not have sufficient heating to heat the whole room.