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  • Elite Heat MK3 Portable Halogen Infrared Heater 240v
  • Elite Heat MK3 Portable Halogen Infrared Heater 240v
  • Elite Heat MK3 Portable Halogen Infrared Heater 240v
  • Elite Heat MK3 Portable Halogen Infrared Heater 240v
  • Elite Heat MK3 Portable Halogen Infrared Heater 240v
  • Elite Heat MK3 Portable Halogen Infrared Heater 240v
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Elite Heat MK3 Portable Halogen Infrared Heater 240v 2.4kW

  • 2.4kW / 1.2kW Infrared Double Heat Settings
  • Space-Saving Portable Design
  • Lightweight Blow Moulded Body
  • Anti-Tilt Switch & Easy Maintenance Access
  • Designed For Industrial Spaces
  • Best Infrared Heater Award 2023
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2.4kW Heat Capacity: High quality and effective infrared heater featuring 2 x 1200 watt SK15 infrared elements.

Two Heat Settings: Can operate at full capacity of 2.4kW, or half capacity of 1.2kW.

Blow Moulded Body: Durable and lightweight - ideal for industrial use.

Portable Design: Mounted on a set of wheels with a large handle, this heater can be moved around easily and used wherever it is required.

Hinged Heater Guard: Quick access for changing elements.

Electrics Access Panel: Fast access for electrical maintenance.

Cable Storage System: Storage of the mains cable keeps it nice and tidy.

Nesting System: Space saving and easier to transport.

Safety Tilt Switch: Shuts the heater down if it is knocked over to prevent accidents.


Elite Heat MK3 Portable Infrared Heater

2.4kW halogen infrared heater for workshops & sites

The Elite Heat MK3 halogen infrared heater has been designed to offer a robust, portable and easy to maintain heater for workshops, garages, construction sites and more.

This 240v infrared heater offers 2 heat settings - so it can operate at full capacity of 2.4kW or half capacity of 1.2kW. It features 2 x 250mm SK15 pre-wired elements, with a highly polished reflector ensuring instant maximum heat output. The compact and robust blow moulded design is not only durable but also lightweight, making the MK3 infrared heater easy to manoeuvre. The space saving nesting design makes these units easy to store and transport.

The Elite Heat MK3 heater also has an integrated safety tilt switch, hinged heater guard for easy access to the elements, electrics access panel for simple electrical maintenance and a cable storage system to prevent trip hazards or damage to the cable.


Voltage: 240v
Input Plug: 13 Amp
Element Type: Infrared SK15
Heat Settings: 2
Heating Power (Position 1): 1.2 kW
Heating Power (Position 2): 2.4kW
Wheels: 2
Cable Length: 2m
Dimensions (L x W x H): 42 x 61.5 x 109 cm
Weight: 13.1kg

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