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  • Broughton Mighty Heat FFVH32 360° Electric Heater - 3 Phase
  • Broughton Mighty Heat FFVH32 360° Electric Heater - 3 Phase
  • Broughton Mighty Heat FFVH32 360° Electric Heater - 3 Phase
  • Broughton Mighty Heat FFVH32 360° Electric Heater - 3 Phase
  • Broughton Mighty Heat FFVH32 360° Electric Heater - 3 Phase
  • Broughton Mighty Heat FFVH32 360° Electric Heater - 3 Phase
  • Broughton Mighty Heat FFVH32 360° Electric Heater - 3 Phase
  • Broughton Mighty Heat FFVH32 360° Electric Heater - 3 Phase

Broughton Mighty Heat FFVH32 360° Electric Heater - 3 Phase 18kW

  • 18kW / 12kW 360° Heat Output
  • 2,300m³/h Airflow
  • Fan-Only Mode
  • Integrated & Remote Thermostats
  • Control Panel With Lockable Cover
  • Adjustable Diffuser & Inline Air Filter
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Rapid Delivery
2 Year Warranty

This product uses a 3-Phase power supply and will not work with a standard 110v or 240v 3-pin socket.

£1,374.00 (inc VAT)
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18kW Heat Output: Great heating capacity for workshops, garages, warehouses, factories and a range of other industrial areas.

360 Degree Heat Output: The innovative inflatable diffuser offers 360 degree warm air output for more efficient and effective heating. The diffuser is easy to store, can be washed easily, and is made from fire retardant material that conforms to EN13501 B-S1-d0.

100% Clean Warm Air: Can be used in enclosed and confined spaces. As the heater is powered by electricity, it produces no fumes and does not consume oxygen within the space. Provides a safe alternative to gas and diesel heaters.

Two Heat Settings: Operates either at full capacity (18kw), reduced capacity (12kW) or fan only mode for ventilation, so you can select the ideal setting for your space.

Up To 2,300 m³/hr Airflow: Large airflow, ideal for delivering large volumes of warm air to heat spaces quickly and effectively.

Integrated & Remote Thermostats: The integrated thermostat and remote thermostat that come included allow you to select a required temperature. The heater will switch itself on and off as required in order to maintain the set temperature, adding convenience, comfort and saving on running costs.

Tough & Durable Construction: Made in the UK & built to perform in demanding environments, the Broughton FFVH32 electric heater is suitable for heating and drying applications in challenging industrial areas.

Over Temperature Protection: A safety fail-safe feature which automatically shuts the heater down if it over heats.

Inline Air Filter: Collects dust that enters through the air intake to prevent it from being blown around the space.

Portable Design: The FFVH32 electric heater has a slim profile,it is mounted on a set of four castors and features carrying handles, so it can be transported around a site easily.

Fully Serviceable Equipment: Easy to maintain and repair when required in order to provide years of reliable service.


Broughton FFVH32 Industrial Electric Fan Heater

360° electric heater for workshops, garages & more

The Broughton Mighty Heat FFVH32 is an innovative industrial electric fan heater. It sits upright and features an inflatable diffuser manufactured from flame retardant material, which offers 360° airflow from the heater’s warm air outlet. It is ideal for keeping workers warm on site, in a warehouse, factory or workshop. It can also be used as part of a drying system to help reduce drying times on decorating and renovation jobs.

This workshop heater provides 18kW heat output and a high airflow rate of 2,300 m3/hr. It can also operate at a reduced capacity of up to 12kW or in fan only mode, for ventilation during warmer spells. It provides excellent all-round warm air coverage from a single unit, offering superior performance to other space heaters of similar kW capacity.

The Broughton FFVH32 is manufactured in the UK and it features a tough and robust oven-hardened steel body, designed to withstand challenging conditions in industrial areas. It has a simple recessed control panel with a lockable cover to make it tamper proof. An inline air filter is fitted to improve the quality of the circulated air, along with full overheat protection for safety. Mounted on a set of 4 locking castors, the unit is highly portable. It can be transported to wherever it is needed on site and used wherever required.

This portable space heater has a chassis mounted thermostat dial and it also comes with a remote thermostat included. It operates on 32A 400v (3 phase) power supply and features 3ph+N+E 32A appliance inlet. Optional power cables are available to order as accessories.


Heating Capacity: 18kW / 12kW / Fan Only
Airflow: 2,300 M3/hr
Voltage: 400v (3 phase)
Current: 28A
Fan Type: Axial
Ducting Adaptor: 300mm
DeltaT: 50°C
Dimensions (inc. diffuser) 603 x 393 x 2107 mm
Dimensions (without diffuser) 603 x 393 x 1347 mm
Weight: 70kg
Warranty: 2 Years


What's In The Box

Broughton Mighty Heat FFVH32 Electric Heater
360° Inflatable Diffuser
Analogue Remote Thermostat

Customer Reviews


We received our heater yesterday and what a heater it is! the heat this kicks out is staggering.
We have heat heaters of this KW before but they don't come close to this.
The diffuser sock forces the air out in 360degree at a nice height (which is adjustable!!)
It's sucking the cold air from the bottom and pushing heat out the top creating circulation in the room
Very clever !! I'm Very Impressed
Thanks you for the recommendation national heater shops (Dave in Sales especially)

Gurcharan Chatwin

Mighty Heat

The Mighty Heat works very well, it doesn't make much noise either.
We have an El Bjorn version of this in our workshop and its a good heater but very noisy, this has a few more selling features like adjustable heat height, lockable controls, quieter running & easier to move around its also very well priced which is brilliant considering its top quality build.
Uk build quality at its very best- shes a beast!!

albin short


5/5 rating on the heater
5/5 rating on the staff
5/5 rating on the courier

Evan Vizor


Thanks for the next day delivery as promised.

gurmit tippett

works well , quiet

good unit , heats whole workshop

Rory Attfield

Works straight out of the box

Great service from these guys , heater is great too - not cheap




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