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  • Elite EHFH Industrial Electric Fan Heater - 110v/240v
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Elite EHFH Industrial Electric Fan Heater - 110v/240v 2.4kW

  • 2.8kW / 1.4kW Variable Heat Settings
  • Available in 110V or 220V (13a 3-Pin)
  • 514m³/h Airflow
  • Cooling Fan-Only Mode
  • Integrated Analogue Thermostat
  • Overheat & Motor Thermal Protection
  • Same-Day Dispatch (order before 12pm Mon-Fri)
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100% Clean Warm Air: This electric fan heater can be used in enclosed and confined spaces. As the heaters are powered by electricity, they produce no fumes and do not consume oxygen within the space. They provide a safe alternative to gas and diesel heaters.

Power Supply Option: Available in 110V (32A) and 230V, the unit is ideal for domestic, commercial, and industrial heating.

Inbuilt Analogue Thermostat: Allows a required temperature to be set and maintained. The thermostat will switch the heater on and off as required and save on running costs.

Overheat Thermostat Protection: This feature protects the outside of the fan heater from getting too hot during use, for safety on site.

Motor Thermal Protection: This feature protects the motor if it malfunctions while full power is still being supplied. A thermal relay breaks the circuit at a lower temperature that will not cause burning.

Variable Heat Settings: The dial controls allow you to choose between two output settings depending on your needs. You can have the electric fan heater running at full power with 2.4kW heating, or half power at 1.2kW

Cooling Fan Setting: Allows the fan to be operated without heat for ventilation and cooling when required.

Integrated Carry Handle: The Elite electric fan heater is lightweight, compact, and portable, allowing for ease of use and transportation.


Elite EHFH Industrial Electric Fan Heater

Efficient electric heaters

The Elite EHFH industrial electric fan heater is an efficient unit that is ideal for increasing the temperature of various domestic, commercial, and industrial sites. The heater features a dial switch for variable hot air output, and it can provide 1.4kW or 2.8kW of heat or it can be set to run as a cooling fan when an area is too hot. The Elite EHFH has a wide working temperature range of -15°C to 25°C, so it is ideal for unheated sites and all year round use. It also has an air displacement of 514M3/h, so it can heat small to medium areas quickly.

Compact, Portable Fan Heaters

Provides clean heat & is easy to use

The Elite EHFH industrial fan heater provides clean, fume-free heat that is safe in enclosed areas and spaces with occupants. It can be used in homes, offices, shops, schools, hospitals, workshops, construction sites, and more. The EHFH is lightweight and easy to carry around to different locations, so it is perfect for temporary and emergency heating. This electric heater is tough and robust, designed to withstand the rigours of regular use and the demands of challenging commercial and industrial environments. 

As there is a 110v and a 230v model available, you can choose your application's suitable heater. The heater simply plugs into the appropriate power supply and runs instantly. The Elite EHFH features an analogue thermostat for automatic running and consistent climate control. It also has overheat thermostat protection and motor thermal protection to ensure user safety.


Voltage: 110/230 Volt
Powercord: 1.6 Metres
Heat Settings (Fixed): 2
Heating Power (Kw) Positions 3 & 4: 1.4 Kw & 2.8 Kw
Heating Power (Btu) Positions 3 - 4: 4,777 Btu & 9,554 Btu
Heating Power (Kcal) Positions 3 - 4: 1,203 Kcal & 2,407 Kcal
Cooling Fan Settings Position 2: 1
Input Plug (Heater Side): 32 Amp
Thermostat Control (Analog): Included
Thermostat Control (Digital): Not Available
Air Displacement: 514 M3/h
Working Temperature Range: -15 > 25 Degrees C
Fan Type: Axial
Power Fan Motor: 30 Watts
Rated Current: 25.45 Amp
Motor Thermal Protection: Included
Overheat Thermostat Protection: Included
Length: 28.0cm
Width: 27.0cm
Height: 44.0cm
IP Rating: IPX4
Trolley Wheel Kit: Not Available
Noise Level: 49 dB(A)
Weight: 5.7 kg


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Proper happy with this

every product I've ordered here has done a standup job, this is another one of them.

Ash Ringer

why order anywhere else??

every product I've ordered here has done a standup job, this is another one of them.


Robust and great quality

Does exactly what it says on the tin, made to last and shipped out fast, thanks

Cathy Donnelly

just right

Martyn Goldstraw

pleasantly surprised

Frank Canata

high grade equipment

Lenny Hawe



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