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Ecor Pro

Ecor Pro Dehumidifiers

Specialist dehumidifiers for home & professional use

Ecor Pro is an industry-leading manufacturer of specialist dehumidifiers, designed to meet the demands of both home and professional use. Ecor Pro is a Dutch company with designers in the Netherlands and the UK. They are renowned throughout the industry for producing dehumidifiers that offer effective performance in the most demanding areas. Their ranges include DryFan desiccant dehumidifiers for general use in the home and in commercial spaces, as well as DryBoat boat dehumidifiers & swimming pool dehumidifiers. Take a look at our Ecor Pro dehumidifier ranges below. You can purchase online or over the phone and you can enquire via live chat or telephone for more information.

Whether you are looking for a high quality home dehumidifier, construction dehumidifier, boat dehumidifier or swimming pool dehumidifier, there is a suitable Ecor Pro model available. Ecor Pro are very well known for their DryBoat range of boat dehumidifiers. Ecor Pro DryBoat dehumidifiers are award-winning desiccant dehumidifiers, designed and built to withstand salt water conditions in order to dry and protect vessels, clothing and sails on board as well as in the boat yard. The Ecor Pro DH1200 DryBoat dehumidifier was even named by Yachting World as the Best Boat Dehumidifier in 2019. Ecor Pro 'swimming pool ready' dehumidifiers are built with enhanced components, to withstand chlorinated water conditions and manage humidity in rooms with swimming pools and jacuzzis. Ecor Pro DryFan desiccant dehumidifiers are perfect for drying out homes as well as damp commercial spaces such as offices, gyms, leisure centres, changing rooms and more. The advantage of these models is that they do not collect water in an internal tank, instead they vent the moisture away as vapour via ducting. These professional dehumidifiers are able to operate at much lower temperatures than standard refrigerant dehumidifiers and they can be left to run continuously. They can be used as portable dehumidifiers or installed as permanent pieces of drying equipment. Take a look at our Ecor Pro dehumidifiers available to buy online and contact our sales team via online live chat or telephone to find out more.