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Ecor Pro

Ecor Pro

Specialist Dehumidifiers For Home & Professional Use

Brand Overview & History

Ecor Pro is a Dutch company headquartered in Amsterdam with manufacturing factories based here in the UK. The experts of the Ecor Pro team have been dominating the dehumidifying industry since first emerging in the 1970s. The enterprise formed in 2010 and has since expanded overseas with offices in China and the U.S., gaining a wide-reaching client base to fuel the company’s investment into research and development of innovative technologies and designs for future products.

Ecor Pro keeps a core commitment to deliver energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for climate control with minimal environmental impact, to ensure their products are planet-friendly.

Equipped with 40 years of experience, Ecor Pro thrives in developing dehumidifiers designed to adapt to any application. The manufacturers place full emphasis on functionality over style. As they put it, ‘Products that we innovate and indeed invent have to be fit for the main purpose. Bells and whistles are secondary to the main function and the appliance must be absolutely safe’. Ecor Pro’s dehumidifiers are not designed to aesthetics, they are expertly crafted to tackle humidity in some of the world’s toughest climates.

Waging wars on damp, moisture and mould growth, Ecor Pro dehumidifiers are ideal for managing humidity levels in homes, garages, boats, caravans and more. Any location that is prone to damp-induced damage, Ecor Pro dehumidifiers will serve as a powerful preventative.

Product Portfolio

Ecor Pro produces multiple ranges of drying devices, including DryFan desiccant dehumidifiers, designed for routine use in homes and commercial spaces, as well as DryBoat range which is ideal for keeping boats and caravans feeling fresh and dry. Plus, Ecor Pro supplies various swimming pool dehumidifiers designed specifically for leisure and sports centres - anywhere suffering from excessive humidity.

Featuring patented technology, the DryFan range is available in different sized models for varying applications. The smaller DryFan models are compact and portable, such as the DH800 or the DH1200, and you can install them in any room. These efficient dehumidifiers are perfect for regulating humidity in bathrooms, kitchens, lofts, basements, garages and sheds. The larger models, the DH2500 and the DH3500, have higher extraction rates and are ideally devised for water damage restoration, industry and construction.

The DryBoat dehumidifiers are encased by solid stainless-steel with anti-rust protection to endure extensive exposure to sun, sea and salt. These desiccant dehumidifiers are unfazed by the challenging conditions at sea, equipped with a wide operating temperature range of -20oC to 40oC to cover unpredictable climates.

Ecor Pro’s swimming pool dehumidifier range features efficient devices such as the D850, D950 and the D1100. These wall-mounted models are designed to withstand extreme humidity, protected by specially coated components to resist corrosion by chlorinated water.

We supply the best Ecor Pro products available, from an expansive range of effective and efficient drying solutions to suit any situation and requirement.

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Ecor Pro is a world-leading developer of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly dehumidifiers expertly designed to proficiently adapt to a wide range of applications.