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Ecor Pro DryBoat INOX Boat Dehumidifiers

Ecor Pro DryBoat INOX Boat Dehumidifiers

Award winning dehumidifiers for vessels, sails & clothing

Ecor Pro DryBoat INOX dehumidifiers are industry-leading desiccant boat dehumidifiers. These tough dehumidifiers are made from stainless steel and they have heat treated components to ensure performance and longevity in demanding environments. The INOX construction offers a level of resistance to corrosion caused by salt and chemicals that other dehumidifiers cannot match.

These dehumidifiers are specifically designed and built to withstand harsh marine conditions, as well as other challenging environments. Ecor Pro INOX dehumidifiers are compact and portable units that protect ships, yachts and boats from the damage caused by damp, mould, and corrosion. They can also be used in a range of other challenging areas. For example, IcelandAir use these dehumidifiers to keep their jet engines dry whilst in storage. These dehumifiers are also perfect for drying sails, ropes, clothes and other equipment after they have been drenched in sea water.

These desiccant dehumidifiers work by drawing in moist air from the space and passing it through an absorbent mesh on a rotary wheel. The wheel turns, absorbs the moisture and vents it away as vapour. The fan expels dry air out into the space. Ducting can be used on the air inlet, allowing you to draw in moist air from wherever required - the unit itself does not need to be in situ in the area that you wish to dry. Ducting is also used to vent the moist air outside. This allows you to conveniently dry cabins and spaces on board vessels.

Ecor Pro boat dehumidifiers can run continuously and they are effective in temperatures well below 0℃, where traditional refrigerant dehumidifiers are unable to perform. The Ecor Pro DryBoat INOX range includes the industry-leading DH800 and DH1200 boat dehumidifiers. The Ecor Pro DH1200 has been awarded 'Best Boat Dehumidifier' by Yachting World. Exor Pro INOX dehumidifiers are available in a range of sizes and extraction capacities. Take a look at the range on our website and for more information, help, and advice, contact us via online live chat or telephone to speak to our sales team.