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Ecor Pro DryFan Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Ecor Pro DryFan Dehumidifiers

Industry-leading desiccant dehumidifiers

The Ecor Pro DryFan range of desiccant dehumidifiers is an industry-leading selection of compact, well-made and effective professional drying machines. They are designed to perform in challenging areas and low temperature environments where traditional refrigerant dehumidifiers would struggle to perform. Ecor Pro DryFan dehumidifiers do not feature a compressor. Instead they have a rotating wheel with a large surface area for air to pass through it side-to-side. The surface of the rotating wheel features a desiccant material, “Zeolite”. Zeolite is a patented chemical that absorbs moisture in most temperatures, but then it gives up that moisture when heat is applied. As the wheel turns, it is continuously dried and the absorbed moisture is vented away as vapour. This means that these dehumidifiers do not produce any water. They use ducting to vent air into the unit, vent dry air back out and vent moist air away and outside the space. The compact design of Ecor Pro DryFan dehumidifiers allows them to be used as portable drying units, for drying out spaces following leaks and floods. Yet they can also be installed as permanent drying appliances in areas in the home, shops, leisure facilities, gyms, changing rooms and much more in order to manage the humidity levels within the space. Take a look at the Ecor Pro DryFan desiccant dehumidifier range on our website and enquire online or over the phonr with our sales team for any more information.