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Ecor Pro Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Ecor Pro Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Essential for managing humidity in indoor pool rooms

Ecor Pro swimming pool dehumidifiers are a market-leading range of robust and efficient, high-capacity refrigerant dehumidifiers. They are specifically designed and engineered to adhere to the stringent safety standards that are required in environments that have a lot of water and moisture, such as indoor swimming pools, spas, wellness centres, and rooms with jacuzzis and hot tubs. They are IP rated and have low-voltage control panels. Models like the Ecor Pro D950 are designed to be securely wall-mounted, while models like the Ecor Pro LD800 are intended to be installed in an adjoining space, and they remove the moisture via ducting. The Ecor Pro range of swimming pool ready dehumidifiers are also built to be able to withstand the physical demands of these areas and be resistant to the corrosion that can be caused by chlorinated water and other harsh chemicals. They are robust and durable appliances made from steel and coated with protective epoxy paint to ensure that they can last longer than traditional dehumidifiers. The internal components are specially treated, and only specialist heat exchanger coils are used to provide greater reliability and resilience. A pool dehumidifier can maintain a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. It is difficult and also vital to stabilise the ambient conditions of indoor pools because the air can vary massively depending on the size of the space, surface area of the pool, the temperature of the room, and the temperature of the water. The moist, humid air can also lead to visible issues and signs of wear, such as condensation on windows, peeling paint, damp surfaces, mildew, mould, and musty smells. Controlling the excess moisture within the air can help to reduce and prevent these concerns to create a safer, cleaner, more comfortable space. Ecor Pro dehumidifiers are available in a range of sizes and with various extraction capacities. Browse the full range on our website and contact us via online live chat or telephone for more information, help, and advice.