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  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
  • Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v
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Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier - 220v 65 Litres

Ecor Pro
  • Extracts Up To 65 Litres Per Day
  • Gravity Fed Condensate Drain
  • Operating Temp Range 4°C to 40°C
  • Integrated Humidistat
  • Dual Fan Speeds & Auto Reset Function
  • Swimming Pool Ready
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Rapid Delivery
2 Year Warranty


Tough Construction: Made mostly from steel, with plastic grills & top, for strength and durability.

Slim & Compact Design: Designed to sit neatly against a wall, with as little footprint as possible. It fits perfectly in a range of domestic & commercial spaces easily.

Four Feet & Wall Mount Bar: The dehumidifier is designed to be placed on the floor and secured to a wall to avoid tipping, using the bracket provided. Fixings not included.

Swimming Pool Ready: Internally protected components that allow it to be used in swimming pool rooms, spas and more, as chemicals in the water won't damage the dehumidifier.

Dust Filter: Two washable air filters, easily accessed from the front of the unit. Handled with care they should not need replacing for the lifetime of the dehumidifier.

Simple Digital Control Panel: Easy to operate the dehumidifier and adjust settings.

Built-In Digital Humidistat: Allows you to set a required humidity level in the space. The humidistat will switch the dehumidifier on and off automatically, as required, in order to maintain the desired humidity level. The built in humidistat can regulate the humidity level automatically ranging from 40, 50, 60, 70% humidity (40% being the most dry / 70% being most humid) or continuous running mode.

Two Fan Speeds: Choose between high and low fan speeds from the same control panel.

Three Possible Drain Points: Left, right & center drain points, allowing condensate to be drained out through an exterior wall.

Auto Reset: If there is an interruption to the power supply, the dehumidifier will go back to off position. This is a safety feature and may avoid damage to the key component the compressor.

Compressor Light: Indicates when the compressor is working. If the fan is running without the compressor on, then the unit is in defrost cycle. The defrost cycle time depends on temperature and air humidity level. The on board micro processor determines optimum cycle time automatically.

2m Power Cord: Plenty of cable to allow for easy installation. If placed near to water supply the plug should be removed and hard wired to a fused slash proof power socket.

Easy Service & Repair: Easy access to key parts from the rear cover. Easy gas recharge point to top gas levels over the lifetime of the unit.

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Ecor Pro D850 Compressor Dehumidifier

Compact. Wall-mounted. Reliable.

The Ecor Pro D850 is a very compact refrigerant dehumidifier. It is designed to be placed on the floor and then wall-mounted using a secure bracket so that the unit cannot be tipped over. It is ideal to be used as a commercial dehumidifier, although it is also practical and efficient in more residential areas too.

As it is a compressor dehumidifier, the Ecor Pro D850 has refrigerated cooling elements installed inside the unit. As the integral fan draws in the ambient air, it passes it through the cooling elements. Here, the temperature of the humid air is lowered to below its dew point. This causes the moisture in the air to condensate. The condensation is collected as water and flows out of the unit and the room via a gravity fed hose. After the moisture is removed, the dry air passes through a heat exchanger so it is slightly warmed and the fan throws it back out into the space to be recycled.

65 Litre Commercial Dehumidifier

Removes moisture quickly & efficiently

The Ecor Pro D850 is a high-quality refrigerant dehumidifier that is ideal for use in offices, museums, storage areas, restaurants, bars, and more. They are also suitable for some residential areas such as larger garages, basements, loft spaces, etc. However, these versatile dehumidifiers thrive in areas with varying levels of heat and a lot of humidity. This includes indoor spaces with swimming pools, jacuzzis, spas, gyms, changing rooms, hairdressers, and so on.

As Ecor Pro D850 dehumidifiers feature a mostly steel construction with an epoxy paint coating and internal protection, they can withstand the harsher environments and treated or chlorinated water. Using a dehumidifier for any of these applications will reduce the occurrence of condensation on windows and other surfaces, corrosion, and the growth of bacteria. This creates a safer, cleaner environment for everyone. This wall-mounted dehumidifier has the capacity to run continually, removing moisture 24/7. Water is drained away using gravity, and there are multiple drain points for convenience during installation.

Swimming Pool Ready Dehumidifier

Essential equipment for indoor pools

The Ecor Pro D850 dehumidifier is a swimming pool ready dehumidifier - meaning that it is built to perform in swimming pool rooms. The steel construction, epoxy paint coating and specialist coils provide it with the durability and resilience to cope with challenging conditions and chlorinated water environments. If you have an indoor swimming pool, a specialist pool room dehumidifier is an essential piece of equipment. Moisture from the pool will have a devastating effect on the internal structure of the building, causing mould to grow wherever there are cold patches and paint to peel away from the walls. Therefore it is essential to remove moisture from the air in a swimming pool room using a dehumidifier.

As standard dehumidifiers are unable to perform in such demanding environments, it is vital to invest in a specialist pool room dehumidifier. The unit can be installed directly in the swimming pool room, up against a wall, and the condensate can be directed out of the room through the wall.

4℃ - 40℃ Operating Temperature Range

Vast capacity for a large range of applications

The Ecor Pro D850 is a high-performance, versatile unit with a maximum extraction rate of 65 litres in 24 hours. It has a very broad operating temperature range of 4℃ - 40℃ so that it can work just as efficiently when the space is cold as well as when it is hot. You can set the quiet running fan to a high or low speed and use the built-in humidistat to regulate the relative humidity within a range between 40% - 70%. Alternatively, running the Ecor Pro D850 with the continious setting will allow it to run all day. Setting the humidistat to a lower humidity level will ensure that the unit will shut off and restart automatically when the desired level is reached. This allows you to control the humidity of the environment while also saving on energy costs.

You control all of the settings using the digital control panel. The control panel also features a compressor light which signifies when the unit is in a defrost cycle.

Ecor Pro D850 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier

Cost effective. Versatile. Efficient.

The Ecor Pro D850 is an economical and energy-efficient compressor dehumidifier with optimum cooling and compressor operating times that are controlled by the internal microprocessor. It is a robust and versatile unit that can handle high capacity moisture removal in a massive range of environments while delivering optimum performance. This unit has 2 accessible dust filters that are easy to remove and clean. You can also easily access the integral parts via the rear panel. This allows for repair and access to the gas recharge point to prolong the service life.


Weight: 39 kg
Dimensions: 660mm × 345mm × 750mm
Technology: Compressor
Max extract: 65L
Power / Plug: 1380W, 220V, 50Hz / 6A
Cord length: 2m
Colour / Material: Off White / Mild Steel Epoy Paint
Swimming pool ready: Yes
Humidistat inside / Humidistat option: Yes / No
Carrying handle / Water container: No / No
Fan speeds / Sound: 2 / 51-53dB
Operating temp: 4°C to 40°C
Power out restart / Works from DC-AC convertor: No / No
Airflow M3/HR: 680
Approval: CE


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Resilient kit

Superior to other similar products out there, capable piece of kit delivered very quickly, thanks

Jake Creamer

exactly what I needed

Arrived as expected, very promptly too - so pleased to have made this purchase

roberto goldsmith


Solid investment to make, will be ordering more in future, chuffed with the durability and quality

jefrey lalljee


matt glover

superior to others of its kind

Kevin Kirkham

Delivered quickly

High speed delivery means this arrived perfectly in time for my next job - works great thanks

shane tompson

Absolutely brilliant

Quick shipping, no messing around, trusty product - very pleased



JOnathan Townley

Prompty delivered

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