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  • Sealey ABI1000 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v
  • Sealey ABI1000 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v
  • Sealey ABI1000 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v
  • Sealey ABI1000 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v
  • Sealey ABI1000 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v
  • Sealey ABI1000 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v
  • Sealey ABI1000 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v
  • Sealey ABI1000 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v

Sealey ABI1000 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v 30kW

  • 102,000 BTU/hr Portable Indirect Heat
  • Runs on Diesel or Kerosene
  • 780m³/hr Airflow
  • 100% Clean, Dry, Odourless Heat
  • Fan Cooling Function & Integrated Thermostat
  • Hybrid Indoor/Outdoor Heater
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100% Hot Hygienic Air: 30kW/hr clean burning ensures an efficient and safe solution for heating warehouses, factories, marquees and more.

Dual Function: Using additional ducting, this hybrid heater can perform outdoors or indoors to meet all your heating needs.

Integrated Thermostat: Allows you to set a desirable ambient temperature. The thermostat will switch the heater on and off as required to maintain the set temperature, saving fuel and adding convenience.

Easily Portable: Includes integrated wheels and carry handle to enable easy transfers to any location.

Robust & Resilient Design: The smart and sturdy stainless steel combustion chamber and unit coating guarantees longevity.

Modern & Quality Features: Including fan cooling, Danfloss pump, built-in flame sensor and electronic control.


Sealey ABI1000 Indirect Oil Fired Space Heater

Ideal industrial heating solution

Trust in this Sealey ABI1000 Indirect Oil-Fired Space Heater to guarantee clean, fume-free heat for any industrial environment. Through its clever and hybrid design, this appliance is adaptable for both indoor and outdoor use, providing the perfect heating solution for a variety of spaces. With a heat output of 30kW and an airflow of 780m³/hr, you can rely on this space warmer to efficiently maintain a comfortable temperature, creating a productive working environment in warehouses, factories, garages and more. Promising versatility and resilience, the Sealey ABI000 is the ultimate heating solution.

Hybrid Capability

Create a comfortable climate for any event

Due to its multi-functional design, you can set this hybrid heater up to work in a range of ways to suit your space. You can heat open, well-ventilated areas directly, or you can use a flue to vent exhaust fumes out of an enclosed area and heat it safely. Using additional ducting, the unit can also operate from outside the target space without losing heat efficiency. So, whilst ensuring adequate ventilation, this space warmer performs as efficiently when functioning outdoors as it does indoors. This offers an attractive alternative for enclosed events in halls and marquees, such as weddings and exhibitions. Setting the unit outside will produce a comfortable, warm indoor atmosphere without the unit getting in the way. Plus, you can still electronically control temperatures inside the space without stepping outside.

Economically Efficient

Safe. Cost-Effective. Convenient.

This powerful 30kW heating solution is fitted with a flame-out device, which automatically cuts off the fuel supply during the devices downtime to maximise safety and minimise excess fuel usage – ensuring economic efficiency. This heater operates using kerosene or diesel, which proves to be more cost-effective and fuel-efficient than comparable electric models. Importantly, the flame inside the combustion chamber never touches any exhaust fumes, which must be vented out, to guarantee a safe and comfortable source of heat for enclosed and outdoor spaces. It is possible to spread heat to multiple areas within a location by simply using flex tubes, achieving multiple heated areas from the single unit. For emergency heating requirements, the integrated wheels and carry handle makes manoeuvring this unit easy – ensuring a smooth transition to any site.


Airflow: 780m³/hr
Automatic Shut-Off: Yes
Energy Rating: A
Fuel Tank: 50L
Fuel: Kerosene/Diesel
Motor Power: 250W
Nett Weight: 34.40kg
Output: 102,360Btu/hr (30kW)
Heat Output: 30kW
Nominal Heat Input: 30kW
Gross Calorific Value: 108 MJ/h
IP Rating: IPX4
Fuel Consumption: 2.4kg/h
Air Flow: 780 m3/h
Fuel Tank: 50L
Pump Pressure: 10 Bar
Cable Length: 1.6m
Supply: 230V ~ 50Hz
Transport Wheels: Yes


Customer Reviews

Cracking heater

Robust thing, kicks out plenty of heat




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