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Portable dehumidifiers & flood damage restoration equipment

Dri-Eaz is a well-renowned and well-respected company that produces professional dehumidifiers and restorative drying equipment for use following floods, leaks and natural disasters, as well as following construction and decorating work. Dri-Eaz dehumidifiers are trusted by industry professionals, tradespeople and hire companies all over the world, due to their fantastic range of features, reliable performance, excellent build quality and ease of use.

Established in Washington, USA, in 1980, the company is credited with developing the first commercial quality ‘snail-shell’ airmover. This was an innovative appliance that went on to help revolutionise the restoration drying industry at that time. Ever since, Dri-Eaz has continued to lead the way in design and application, striving to improve their products in both capacity and practicality, to benefit industries and individuals.

Dri-Eaz appliances are robust, effective and efficient pieces of equipment. Their dehumidifiers are designed to perform extremely well in demanding environments, offering reliability and long service life. Their equipment is suitable for use in homes during renovation work, as well as in damp areas such as basements, attics, and garages. They are also ideal for commercial and industrial applications, such as removing moisture from sensitive environments like storage facilities, warehouses, museums, libraries, archives, and server rooms. Dri-Eaz equipment is also ideally suited to drying and restoration jobs in all trade sectors.

Dri-Eaz produces some of the best portable flood damage restoration dehumidifiers on the market - such as the Dri-eaz DrizAir 1200 and the Revolution LGR dehumidifier. They are also very well known for their other drying and restoration equipment, including their airmover fans, floor fans, air scrubbers and air filtration equipment.

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