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Dri-Eaz BD1000 Building Dryer - Dual Voltage 48 Litres

  • Dri-Eaz BD1000 Building Dryer - Dual Voltage
  • Dri-Eaz BD1000 Building Dryer - Dual Voltage
  • Dri-Eaz BD1000 Building Dryer - Dual Voltage
  • Dri-Eaz BD1000 Building Dryer - Dual Voltage
  • Dri-Eaz BD1000 Building Dryer - Dual Voltage
  • Dri-Eaz BD1000 Building Dryer - Dual Voltage
  • Dri-Eaz BD1000 Building Dryer - Dual Voltage
  • Dri-Eaz BD1000 Building Dryer - Dual Voltage
  • Professional Portable Building Dryer
  • Removes Up To 48 Litres Per Day
  • Integrated Condensate Pump
  • Humidistat Control
  • Selectable Dual Voltage (230/110v)
  • Hour Counter & KW Consumption Meters
  • Tough & Robust Design
  • Dries Out Rooms & Structures Quickly
  • Ideal For Decorating, Flood Damage & Construction
  • 12.2m Drain Hose Included
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2 Year Warranty
£1,249.20 (inc VAT)

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Removal Rate Of 48L/24Hr: The Dri-Eaz BD1000 building dryer can remove large amounts of moisture from the air. It has been designed to quickly dry out rooms and structures following construction work, renovations, decorating & water damage.

Integrated Condensate Pump: Regular automatic condensate pumpout empties the collection tank via a 12.2m drainage hose, allowing you to leave the dehumidifier to do all the hard work while you focus on other tasks. The pump also has a lift capability of 2m.

Dual Voltage Power: This unit features selectable dual voltage operation (230v or 110v), so you can select the right power at the right time.

Integrated Humidistat: Allows you to set a required relative humidity level (from 30%-70%) and the dehumidifier will automatically switch on and off to maintain the set humidity, adding convenience & saving on running costs.

Consumption Meters: On-board kilowatt-hour and hour counter meters provide accurate readings on the job.

Fibreglass Air Filter: Installed as standard, the filter helps to capture airborne dust particles while maintaining airflow through the unit. Filters are easily installed and replaced.

Manual Condensate Pump Purge: If you need to quickly drain the system before moving the unit or putting it into storage, you can do just that with the push of a button.

Simple Controls: A simple rotary on/off switch allows easy operation of the machine.

Tough & Robust Design: The high quality hybrid construction includes a steel chassis with a rotomolded outer cover. This offers strength & durability on site and makes the unit easy to clean.

Portable Design: The compact profile, large semi-pneumatic wheels, integrated loading skids and handle allow the BD1000 to be moved around easily and put into place wherever it is needed.

Comprehensive Guarantees: This dehumidifier comes with a two year limited manufacturer's warranty, as well as a  six year refrigeration system warranty and a lifetime guarantee on the rotomoulded housing.

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Dri-Eaz BD1000 Building Dryer

Tough, robust & easy to use professional dehumidifier

The Dri-Eaz BD1000 Building Dryer is a portable professional dehumidifier, designed for drying out rooms and spaces following construction work, renovations, decorating and flood damage. This unit can remove up to 48-litres of moisture from the air per day and it offers a fantastic range of features to ensure reliable and convenient performance, including automatic condensate pump out for unattended use, humidistat control, dual voltage power selection (230v / 110v) and an integrated hour counter and kW meter.

This dehumidifier is designed to withstand the demands of industrial use in challenging areas. It has a strong steel chassis with a rotomolded outer housing, which provides protection from knocks and bumps on site and makes the unit easy to clean. Fast-opening hinges allow easy access for maintenance and an anti-clog design includes double-width coil fin spacing and an air filter to improve performance in dusty environments and reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.

A rigid handle, large semi-pneumatic wheels and built-in vehicle loading skids ensure easy transport and manoeuvrability to and around the job site.

We are an authorised seller of the Dri-Eaz BD1000 Building Dryer, so the product comes with the full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, 6-year sealed refrigeration system warranty and lifetime guarantee on the rotomolded housing. This unit is a tried, tested and a proven favourite for water damage restoration, construction professionals and hire companies.


Supply voltage: 230 / 110V Selectable
Type: Standard Refrigerant
Water removal (max): 48 L / day (32.2°C/90%RH)
Water removal (aham): 25 L / day (26.7°C/60%RH)
Water removal (eu standard): 42.6 L / day (30°C/80%RH)
Water removal (eu standard): 21 L / day (20°C/60%RH)
Amp draw: 3.3 A (230V) - 6.5 A (110V)
Operating temperature range: 1°– 38°C
Operating humidity range: 40 – 100%
Dimensions (h × w × d): 85 × 50 × 51 cm
Use weight: 39 KG
Air movement: 350 M³/Hr
Controls: Manual Rotary On/Off
Hour counter: Yes
Killowatt meter: Yes
Humidistat: Yes (30–70%)
Adjustable defrost setting: No
Remote monitoring capability: No
Refrigerant type: 410A
Defrost type: Reverse Cycle
Average noise level: db
Condensate removal: Automatic Pumpout – Centrifugal
Drain hose length: 12.2 M
Condensate pump lift capacity: 2 m
Power cord length: 5 M
Air filter: Fibreglass
Wheels: 30cm Semi-pneumatic
Handle: Rigid
Cable & hose storage: Yes
Stackable: No
Safety mark: CE
Product warranty: 2 years – Limited
Refrigeration system warranty: 6 years
Housing warranty: Rotomolded Cover - Lifetime

What's In The Box

  • Dri-Eaz BD1000 48L Building Dryer with Condensate Pump
  • 12.2m Drainage Hose
  • Fibreglass Air Filter
  • 5m Power Cord

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