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Ebac Industrial Products


UK Made Expertly Efficient HVAC Products

Brand Overview & History

In 1972, with their start up Elliot Brothers Air Control, the Elliot brothers embarked on an air control revolution. The baton was later passed to John Elliott who carried the company on to triumph. From a single order of 16 dehumidifiers, the company stepped into a brand-new venture. The company evolved into Ebac and a dehumidifying powerhouse was born.

For half a century, Ebac has been committed to creating air comfort solutions for customers across the country. John Elliot was rewarded an MBE for his outstanding success and service to small businesses. Today, the company stands strong as market-leaders in dehumidifiers and watercoolers in the UK and Europe. Ebac is also investing in research and development for innovative technologies, achieving breakthroughs with their patented Smart Control system and Watertrail technology.

Product Portfolio

Ebac continues to challenge competitors with their notorious dehumidifying devices. Their latest innovative Smart Control System range is designed to track changes in the climate and automatically adjust the dehumidifier to recognise variables affecting air quality.

Ebac produces an impressive range of versatile industrial dehumidifiers that are designed to cool, ventilate, and extract excess moisture from any sized room. We offer the best Ebac dehumidifiers that are proficient in combatting condensation and damp in industrial spaces, creating a comfortable and dry indoor climate.

Ebac’s industrial fans and air conditioning units also possess the same quality and performance standards as their dehumidifiers. These portable products are perfect for quick, on-site use in industry and construction.

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We are official Ebac suppliers. Take a tour of the range of Ebac products available on our website. You can order online or over the phone with our friendly sales team today.

Ebac is a renowned UK manufacturer of quality climate control appliances, including heat pumps, ventilation, watercoolers and industrial dehumidifiers.