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  • Tectro SRE 1330 TC-2 Paraffin Laser Heater - 240v
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Tectro SRE 1330 TC-2 Paraffin Laser Heater - 240v 3kW

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  • 3kW Portable Direct Space Heater Capacity
  • Mains Supply / 5L Removable Fuel Tank
  • 48m2 Coverage Boasts Low Consumption
  • Advanced Control System & Safety Features
  • High-Tech Burner
  • Adjustable Thermostat & LED Display
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2 Year Warranty


48m2 Heat Coverage: The Tectro SRE 1330 TC-2 offers an ideal solution for heating a range of domestic and industrial applications. From caravans and conservatories, greenhouses, offices and workshops, to warehouses factories and more.

3kW Heat Output: An ideal capacity for providing sufficient warmth for smaller spaces, without taking up too much room.

Portable Design: Weighing only 8kg, the SRE 1330 TC-2 can be easily transported to any location, for quick and convenient clean heating.

High-Tech Burner: The heater is equipped with an innovative burner system designed to reach maximum temperatures rapidly, yet release heat gradually, for a smooth and comfortable warming sensation.

Large Internal Tank: Featuring a removable 5-litre tank, designed to be fulled by paraffin that can be safely removed and easily filled thanks to the large easy-touch cap.

Advanced Control System: Featuring a self-regulating temperature control system for maintaining consistent performance and consumption. Plus, an adjustable thermostat and timer facilitates user-control, enabled by the LED display.

Superior Safety Features: The SRE 1330 TC-2 is reinforced with a childproof lock, overheating and frost protection, safety stop and automatic tip-over switch to ensure 100% safe, reliable and enduring heating performance.

2-Year Warranty: The SRE 1330 TC-2 is guaranteed by a two-year manufacturer's warranty.


Tectro SRE 1330 TC-2 Paraffin Laser Heater

3KW Low Consumption High-Quality Direct Space Warmer

Trust in the Tectro SRE 1330 TC-2 Paraffin Laser Heater to deliver safe, clean heating to any space, quickly and efficiently. Requiring minimal power to generate maximum heating energy, this direct space warmer exploits modern laser technology to provide highly cost-effective and eco-friendly heating. Paired with the compact and portable design of the unit, it can be quicky transported to any location, offering a convenient solution for any smaller space that requires sufficient heating.

The Tectro SRE 1330 TC-2 is a welcomed addition to a range of smaller spaces. From domestic environments such as greenhouses, conservatories and caravans, benefitting from the comfortable and relaxing warmth, to demanding spaces such as warehouses and workshops, requiring sufficient heating to maintain healthy working conditions.

Due to the neat and neutral colour and design, plus the quiet noise level of this heater, it blends in seamlessly with any interior, reflecting the smart and sophisticated heating features it boasts. Featuring the integrated thermostat to facilitate easy user-control, along with the 24-hour timer function, adding convenience and consistent comfort. The self-regulating temperature control system, plus the ability to pre-set a desired temperature ensures that the heater will only operate of necessity, reducing wasted energy and excess consumption.

Featuring the high-tech burner, the SRE 1330 TC-2 is equipped with an innovative burner system that is designed to reach maximum temperatures rapidly yet release heat gradually, for a smooth and comfortable warming sensation. Whilst the burner reaches the highest temperature, the tip-over safety switch is constantly engaged, ready to instantly shut-off all heating functions in the case that the heater is knocked or tipped over.

This Tectro heater is manufactured in Japan, ensured by the highest quality control standards (ISO 9000:2015). It boasts multiple safety features, including the childproof lock, safety stop, overheat protection and frost protection. The 5-litre removable fuel tank can be easily filled thanks to the large easy-touch cap, featuring a new method for removing the cap without touching the tank directly.


Heating capacity min (kW) 1.8
Heating capacity max (kW) 3
Suitable heating capacity min (m³) 48
Suitable heating capacity max (m³) 120
Power consumption start (W) 335
Power consumption min. (W) 78
Power consumption max. (W) 123
Min. Burning Time (hour) 16
Max. Burning Time (h) 44
Fuel consumption min (gr/h) 90
Fuel consumption max (gr/h) 250
Fuel consumption min (l/h) 0.113
Fuel consumption max (l/h) 0.313
Fuel tank capacity (L) 5
Sound pressure level min (dB(A)) 28
Sound pressure level max (dB(A)) 35

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