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  • Thermobile Bio Energy 3 Cabinet Heater - 230v
  • Thermobile Bio Energy 3 Cabinet Heater - 230v
  • Thermobile Bio Energy 3 Cabinet Heater - 230v
  • Thermobile Bio Energy 3 Cabinet Heater - 230v

Thermobile Bio Energy 3 Cabinet Heater - 230v 59kW

  • 210,000 / 130,000 BTU/hr Two Heat Settings
  • Bio Oil, Waste Oil or Diesel Fuelled
  • 3000m³/hr Airflow
  • 50-70°C Fixed Outlet Temperature
  • Optional Flue Kit Available
  • Built-In Heat Exchanger & Overheat Protection
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59kW Heat Output: Large capacity fixed space heater, ideal for heating workshops, garages, warehouses, agricultural buildings and a range of other industrial spaces effectively.

Two Heat Settings: The Thermobile Bio Energy 3 can operate at full capacity of 59kW or reduced capacity of 34kW, so you can select an appropriate heat level for your space.

100% Clean Warm Air: Circulates only clean, fume-free warm air, as the fumes produced during combustion are exhausted outside.

Range Of Fuel Options: Can be fuelled by biofuels, such as rapeseed oil and certain vegetable oils,waste oil and diesel. This provides a great cost saving, as you can fuel the heater using oils produced in the course of your everyday business.

High Capacity Axial Fan: Draws air in and passes it over the heat exchanger and combustion chamber, and expels warm air into the building, providing a constant flow of warm air, at a max airflow of 3000m³/hr.

Built-In Heat Exchanger: All gasses pass through the heat exchanger before entering the flue, achieving excellent efficiency.

Separate Combustion Air Intake: The combustion fan draws in clean air from outside of the building, ensuring that no vapours, dust or oxygen can be sucked in from the workshop floor.

55L Fuel Tank: Provides plenty of fuel to keep the heater running, can be topped up easily when needed and can be removed for cleaning.

200mm Flue: The exhaust can be connected up to lengths of flue pipe in order to vent fumes outside. (Flue Kit available as an accessory).

Plug & Play Design: Can be installed easily by any tradesperson. It simply needs a hole to be created in a wall for exhaust fumes to be flued outside, a hole for the fresh air intake, and then plugged into a standard 230v plug socket.

230v Power Supply: Can be plugged easily into any standard 230v power socket, for convenience and ease of installation.

Overheat Protection: Shuts the heater down automatically if it starts to overheat, preventing an accident.


Thermobile Bio Energy 3 Cabinet Heater

59kW biofuel cabinet heater for workshops, garages & industrial buildings

The Thermobile Bio Energy 3 is a 59kW biofuel cabinet heater, ideal for workshops, garages, warehouses, agricultural buildings and a range of other industrial spaces. It can be fuelled using bio oil, bio diesels and various vegetable oils, rapeseed oil, linseed oil, as well as waste oil and standard diesel or red diesel.

The Thermobile Bio Energy range of cabinet heaters has been developed specifically for the workshop heating market. Full combustion is achieved in a vaporising system and non-burnable residue is retained in the burner pan. The high efficiency of the Bio Energy 3 is achieved by a built-in, large surface heat exchanger, through which all gases pass before entering the flue. A high-capacity axial fan draws air from the workshop over the heat exchanger and combustion chamber and expels warm air into the building, providing a constant recycling of warm air. This fan provides a high airflow of 3000 m3/h.

This heater helps to save on fuel costs, offers low emissions of harmful gases and provides 100% clean heat, as the exhaust fumes produces during combustion are flued out of the back of the unit.

The Bio Energy 3 cabinet heater has a 55-litre fuel tank, an overheat security thermostat, flame failure thermostat and an oil overflow security system fitted as standard. This waste oil burner has a fixed outlet temperature of 50-70 ° C and it has a switch that allows it to operate either at 59kW or 36kW, so you can select the ideal heat output for your space.

Flue Kit Available

Everything you need to heat the space safely and effectively

We have a flue kit available separately for the Thermobile Bio Energy 3 cabinet heater. The flue kit allows you to exhaust the produced during combustion out of the space. It consists of a T piece complete with draught stabiliser, 6 x 1m lengths of flue piping (200mm diameter), a rain cap, 2 x adjustable wall brackets and a high temperature silicone rubber roof flashing & fitting kit. If your ceiling is higher than 6m, we can supply extra sections of 1m piping.

We can also supply pipes with a 45 degree bend, so you can flue fumes out at an angle, if required in your space. You can add the standard flue kit to your order using the tick box above. If you require the extra parts, give our sales team a call and we can customize a flue kit to suit your requirements.

*Please be aware, a SWOBS declaration form will be required 


Min Capacity BTU/hr: 130,000
Max Capacity BTU/hr: 210,000
Min Fuel Consumption L/hr: 3.8
Max Fuel Consumption L/hr: 6.2
Tank Capacity Litres: 55
Weight Kg: 165
Current A: 2
Flue Connection Ø(mm): 180
Heated Airflow m³/hr: 3000
Max Space Heated cu.ft: 42,000
Width mm: 820
Depth mm: 1150
Height mm: 1280


What's In The Box

Thermobile Bio Energy 3 Cabinet Heater

Flue Kit includes
1 x T Piece complete with Draught Stabiliser
6 x 1m lengths of Flue Piping (200mm dia)
1 x Rain Cap
2 x Adjustable Wall Brackets
1 x High-Temperature Silicon Rubber Roof Flashing & Fitting Kit

Customer Reviews

Professional quality and communication

incredibly pleased with how soon this arrived and how well it works, what an investment

kevan baldwin

perfect for work

Fantastic piece of kit, arrived in working order and does a great job, thanks

steve mace

what would I do without this?

Impeccable customer service and communication for my questions, delivered quickyl too

matt wheeler


Miss Birse


Leon Wanless

What an investment

jefrey hann

Makes a difference

Superb choice to purchase this, espcially with its quality and the speed of delivery Sturdy and amazing value for money, as well as fast delivery

Mr Acsinte

Air quality

Super pleased with the speedy delivery and professional standard of both product and customer service, thank you. Trusty and hardwearing, arrived so quickly and easy to use!

sylvia baldwin

high grade equipment

Outstnading, happy as always with rapid delivery and product qual

Petrus Moody



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