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  • Arcotherm Confort 100 (ErP) Cabinet Heater - 230v
  • Arcotherm Confort 100 (ErP) Cabinet Heater - 230v
  • Arcotherm Confort 100 (ErP) Cabinet Heater - 230v
  • Arcotherm Confort 100 (ErP) Cabinet Heater - 230v
  • Arcotherm Confort 100 (ErP) Cabinet Heater - 230v
  • Arcotherm Confort 100 (ErP) Cabinet Heater - 230v
  • Arcotherm Confort 100 (ErP) Cabinet Heater - 230v
  • Arcotherm Confort 100 (ErP) Cabinet Heater - 230v

Arcotherm Confort 100 (ErP) Cabinet Heater - 230v 94kW

  • 320,000 BTU/hr Heating Capacity
  • 7800m³/hr Airflow
  • Internal 110L Fuel Tank
  • Integrated Thermostat
  • ErP Compliant & Overheat Protection
  • Fan-Only Mode & Adjustable Louvres
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100% Clean Warm Air: Circulates only clean, fume-free warm air, as the fumes produced during combustion are held within the heat exchanger and exhausted outside.

Exhaust Gas Flue: 150mm diameter flue exhaust can be connected up to lengths of flue pipe in order to vent fumes outside.

Plug & Play: Can be installed easily by any tradesperson. It simply needs a hole to be created in a wall for exhaust fumes to be flued outside, and then plugged into a standard 230v plug socket.

High Quality Features: The double-skinned body provides thermo-acoustic insulation and safe low surface temperature, and a robust stainless steel combustion chamber pre-heated and post-ventilated for maximum efficiency and reliability. Electronic flame control and an efficient centrifugal fan ensure reliable and effective performance.

Adjustable Louvres: Louvres on the warm air outlet can be adjusted to direct air where it is required.

Integrated Thermostat: Allows you to set a required temperature within the space. The heater will automatically switch itself on and off as required in order to maintain the required temperature, saving fuel, energy and money.

Internal 110 Litre Fuel Tank: Provides plenty of fuel to keep the heater running and can be topped up easily when needed.

230v Power Supply: Can be plugged easily into any standard 230v pocket socket, for convenience and ease of installation.

Fan Only Switch: Allows the fan to be used alone without heat, in orde to provide ventilation during summer months.

Overheat Thermostat: Shuts the heater down automatically if it starts to overheat, preventing an accident.


Large Arcotherm Cabinet Heaters

Robust. Reliable. Effective.

Arcotherm Confort 100 units are tough, robust and reliable 94kW diesel cabinet heaters for large industrial and commercial spaces. They have a range of features and components which help to provide top class heating performance. The double-skinned body provides thermo-acoustic insulation and safe low surface temperature; while the efficient stainless steel combustion chamber is pre-heated and post-ventilated for maximum performance and reliability. The Confort 100 also has a 110 litre fuel tank, electronic flame control, built-in thermostat and a centrifugal fan to send the warm air out into the space. For safety, a manual reset safety overheat thermostat shuts the unit off instantly if there is an problem. The hot air produced is absolutely clean, as the exhaust fumes are removed from the premises via an exhaust pipe. Arcotherm Confort units can be installed quickly and easily to provide an effective heating solution throughout the cold winter months.

ErP Compliant Heaters

Efficient, emissions friendly cabinet heaters

The Confort 100 is part of the latest generation of ErP compliant Arcotherm space heaters. The Energy related Product Directive 2018 has implemented a series of measures aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from warm air space heaters. The Directive requires that all diesel and gas powered units used for providing thermal comfort to humans should achieve a seasonal efficiency of more than 72%. It also states that NOx emissions from oil fired units must not exceed 180 mg/kWh (gross). The Arcotherm Confort 100 has been designed to these latest standards, so you can be sure that your space heating solution complies with regulations.

Cabinet Heater Accessories Available

Everything you need to heat a warehouse, workshop, showroom and more.

We have a range of accessories available alongside our Confort 100 cabinet heaters. These accessories allow you to get the exact setup that you require in order to heat your space. We have air outlet diffusers with adjustable louvres, allowing you to direct the heat as required. In addition, we have air inlet ducting available, as well as exhaust pipes, exhaust elbow pipes and rain cowls. This piping allows you to exhaust the fumes safely from your space. To find out more about the accessories available for Arcotherm Confort 100 units, simply give us a call.

Arcotherm Confort 100 Diesel Cabinet Heaters

Order online or over the phone. Delivered to your door.

We are an authorised Arcotherm dealer. When you purchase your Arcotherm Confort 100 cabinet heater from us, you are supported by the full manufacturer 3 year warranty, along with Arcotherm’s service, spare parts and repair network. We aim to have the best prices around on Arcotherm products, and we can price match competitors. So if you have seen an Arcotherm Confort 100 cheaper elsewhere, get in touch and we can try to beat the price. Order online or over the phone and we will ship the unit to your premises.

Please note: These units are not suitable for use with waste oil.


Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 640mm x 1400mm x 1650mm
Weight: 259 kg
Rated heat power: 100.48 kW / 86,412 - 345,648 kcal/h - BTU/h
Output heat power: 93.65 kW / 80,536 - 322,144 kcal/h - BTU/h
Heat efficiency: 93.2%
Air flow: 7800 m3/h
Available static press.: 150 - 15 Pa - mm H2O
Fuel consumption: 7.95 kg/h
Tank capacity: 110 litres
Run time: 11.9 hours
Electrical power: 230-1-50 V-ph-Hz
Power consumption 230V: 1350 watts
Temperature rise: 52°C
Flue ø: 150mm


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