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  • Sealey AB1758 Direct Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v

Sealey AB1758 Direct Oil Fired Space Heater - 230v 51kW

  • 175,000 BTU/hr Portable Direct Heat
  • Runs on Paraffin, Kerosene or Diesel
  • 1070m³/h Airflow
  • Automatic Safety Shut-Off
  • Designed For Well-Ventilated Spaces
  • Built-in Thermostat
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51kW Heat Capacity: Large heat output, ideal for heating workshops, garages, construction sites and more. Please note, as this is a direct fired heater, it must only be used in well-ventilated / outdoor spaces. It must not be used in enclosed / indoor spaces.

1,070 m³/h Airflow: Great airflow for heating large spaces effectively, up to 974m³.

49 Litre Fuel Tank: Large fuel tank offers approximately 9.5 hours running time, making the Sealey AB1758 Space Warmer a very economical heater.

Multi-Fuel Heater: Designed to run on paraffin, kerosene or diesel.

Built-In Thermostat: Thermostat & digital room temperature display allows you to set a required temperature and the heater will switch itself on and off as required to maintain the set temperature, adding convenience, comfort and saving on running costs.

Automatic Flame-Out Safety Cut-Off: Shuts off the fuel supply if the flame is inadvertently extinguished, ensuring safety on site.

Portable Design: The trolley-mounted design of this space heater makes it very easy to transport and put into place on site.


Sealey AB1758 Space Warmer 175,000 Btu/hr Diesel Heater

51.3kW direct fired space heater for industrial applications

The Sealey AB1758 Space Warmer is a 51.3kW direct fired industrial space heater. It runs on paraffin, kerosene or diesel and it can be used in a wide range of well-ventilated industrial spaces such as workshops, garages, yards, construction sites and more.

This Sealey space heater features a solid metal outer casing, portable trolley design and 49 litre fuel tank, which offers approximately 9.5 hours running time. It also has a thermostat and digital room temperature display, filter protection and flame-out safety cut-off device which cuts the fuel supply if the flame is inadvertently extinguished.

The Sealey AB1758 Space Warmer provides a heated airflow of 1,070 m³/h (630 cfm) and heating capacity of 51.3kW (175,000Btu/hr). It offers an effective heated area of 974m³, to heat a wide range of large well-ventilated industrial spaces effectively.

Please note that direct oil-fired space heaters must only be used in well ventilated spaces, such as construction sites, yards, and garages and workshops with large open shutter doors. They must not be used in indoor, poorly ventilated areas or enclosed spaces. This heater is not suitable for use with waste oil.


Model: AB1758
Heating Capacity: 175,000Btu/hr (51.3kW)
Airflow: 630cfm (1,070 m³/h)
Supply: 230v - 5A
Fuel Tank: 49L
Fuel: Paraffin/Kerosene/Diesel
Running Time: Approx. 9.5 Hours
Automatic Shut Off: Yes
Heated Area: 34,400ft³ (974m³)
Weight: 29kg

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