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  • SIP Fireball XD140 Diesel/Paraffin Space Heater - 230v
  • SIP Fireball XD140 Diesel/Paraffin Space Heater - 230v
  • SIP Fireball XD140 Diesel/Paraffin Space Heater - 230v
  • SIP Fireball XD140 Diesel/Paraffin Space Heater - 230v
  • SIP Fireball XD140 Diesel/Paraffin Space Heater - 230v
  • SIP Fireball XD140 Diesel/Paraffin Space Heater - 230v
  • SIP Fireball XD140 Diesel/Paraffin Space Heater - 230v
  • SIP Fireball XD140 Diesel/Paraffin Space Heater - 230v
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SIP Fireball XD140 Diesel/Paraffin Space Heater - 230v 41kW

  • 140,000 BTU/hr Powerful Portable Direct Heat
  • Runs on Diesel, Paraffin or Kerosene
  • 1050m3 Large Heating Area
  • Heavy-Duty Air Pump
  • Powder-Coated Stainless-Steel Components
  • LED Thermostat Control Display
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41kW Heat Production: Powerful output efficiently heats a wide range of well-ventilated industrial sites including warehouses, workshops and garage spaces.

1060mHeating Area: Powerful heating capacity conveniently covers expansive areas up to approximately 37,434ft3.

Integrated Thermostat: Fitted with an inbuilt thermostat to regulate heat and deliver flexible temperature control.

Heavy-Duty Features: Including a sturdy stainless-steel combustion chamber, robust full-frame and a durable powder-coated finish to guarantee a long-lasting appliance.

Wheel-Mounted: Fitted on a pneumatic tyre wheel-mount to ensure transportation is quick, simple and safe.


SIP Fireball XD140 Dual-Fuel Space Heater

Strong & Sturdy 41kW Heating Solution

Trust in this SIP FIREBALL XD140 space warmer to sufficiently supply quick and effective heating to a wide range of large well-ventilated industrial areas up to 1050m3.

Featuring robust and resilient components, this powerful space heater is built to last. With easy-to-use temperature controls and a thermostat to regulate output, this SIP space warmer promises to provide consistent, safe and sufficient heating.

Durably Designed

Resilient & Robust Features

This impressive space heater is made with resilient components to ensure an enduring performance. The stainless-steel combustion chamber and cast aluminium fuel nozzle holder helps to maximise heat production. The powerful air pump ensures efficient fuel transferwhile separate gauges identify pump pressure and fuel levels.

The built-in fuel gauge determines a more precise fuel level reading than judging by eye, so you can be prepared to refill without the heating operation ending unexpectedly.

External features reinforce durability, the sturdy outer frame and powder-coating finish preserves the unit, guaranteeing a long lifespan. Supporting pneumatic wheel-mount protects the unit during transportation over the harshest terrain.

Energy-Efficient Temperature Control

Create A Comfortable Climate

Use the integrated LED display for easy access to temperature control. Set a target temperature using the adjustable dial and the heater will create a comfortable climate for you. Plus, once the target is reached the heater will turn itself off to maintain the target and efficiently save excess fuel consumption—ensuring Energy-related Products (ErP). The internal thermostat includes a safety overheat feature to prevent potential overheating.

Order online today to receive your SIP Fireball powerful heating solution!

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Input Supply: 230v (13A)

Motor Power: 340w (0.45hp)

Fuel Type: Diesel / Paraffin / Kerosene

Pump Type: Air Pump

Max. Heat Output: 140,000 BTU/hr (41kW)

Approx. Heating Area: 1060m3 (37,434ft3)

Fuel Tank Size: 65L

Approx. Fuel Consumption: 3.8L/hr

Net Weight: 28.70kg

Gross Weight: 32.80kg

Product Dimensions: 660(H) x 530(W) x 1150mm(D)

Packaged Dimensions: 560(H) x 415(W) x 1220mm(D)

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