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Master Climate Solutions

Master Climate Solutions

Experts in portable heaters, coolers, dehumidifiers & ventilation equipment

Master Climate Solutions is a world leader in portable heating, dehumidification, cooling and ventilation equipment. Master has established itself over the past 50 years as the number one brand in the professional portable space heater industry. Now, with subsidiaries across the world including the UK, China, Russia, UAE and Germany to name but a few, they really have the extensive product range to go with the name!

From their headquarters in Denmark, Master has spent years perfecting the designs of their industrial climate control equipment. Their range includes everything from small electric fan heaters to large industrial indirect heaters that can be used with ducting. Master also supply a range of other space heaters, including portable gas heaters, infrared heaters and direct fired diesel heaters. Master's high quality cooling equipment range includes commercial & industrial evaporative coolers, as well as cooling fans. Their dehumidifier range covers everything from small domestic units to commercial dehumidifiers and large industrial dehumidifiers - ideal for dealing with humidity problems and improving drying times in a range of spaces. Master's range of ventilation equipment includes a range of fans and air movers - perfect for providing a supply of fresh air to challenging industrial areas. No matter the season or the size of the space, Master offers an effective portable climate control solution. Master's industry-leading indirect fired space heaters are produced in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility based in the historic town of Verona in Italy. Easily recognisable due to the bright yellow outer casing with 'Master' branding on their side, these high quality space heaters are perfect for heating a range of enclosed spaces such as halls, cabins, workshops, warehouses, tents, marquees and much more. These heaters are industry standard pieces of equipment in the marquee industry due to their portability, effective heating capacity and safety credentials - they vent only clean, fume-free warm air into the space and exhaust fumes produced during combustion outside. Master offer a 3 year warranty on their indirect fired diesel heaters and we offer a range of package deals with these heaters which come with everything you need to heat a space at a reduced price, including ducting, flue, thermostat and more! Take a look at the Master Indirect Diesel Heaters category for more information. National Heater Shops is an official Master Climate Solutions reseller. To find out more on our range of Master heaters, Master air coolers, Master dehumidifiers and master fans, take a look at our website and contact our friendly sales team via telephone, email or online live chat. We can also supply spare parts and service kits for the Master range of equipment!