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  • Winterwarm DXA 120 Direct Gas Fired Agriculture Heater 230v
  • Winterwarm DXA 120 Direct Gas Fired Agriculture Heater 230v
  • Winterwarm DXA 120 Direct Gas Fired Agriculture Heater 230v
  • Winterwarm DXA 120 Direct Gas Fired Agriculture Heater 230v
  • Winterwarm DXA 120 Direct Gas Fired Agriculture Heater 230v
  • Winterwarm DXA 120 Direct Gas Fired Agriculture Heater 230v

Winterwarm DXA 120 Direct Gas Fired Agriculture Heater 230v 120kW

  • 409,680BTU/hr Heat Output
  • Runs on Natural Gas or Propane
  • Ceiling-Suspended Design
  • 100% Efficiency
  • Ventilation Mode
  • Designed For Agriculture
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120kW Heat Capacity: Large capacity space heater, ideal for use in poultry houses, pig sheds, cattle sheds, greenhouses and other agricultural buildings.

100% Efficiency: All of the heat generated is used to heat the space, as there is no flue for outflow of combustion gases.

Direct Fired Heating: Offers great efficiency, but there must be adequate ventilation in the space, as the air in the house will contain higher levels of CO, CO2 and condensate.

45m Air ThrowThe Winterwarm DXA 120 offers 7000 m³/h airflow and long range heat projection, distributing the heat optimally. Ideal for large spaces.

Tough & Robust Build Quality: Outer casing made from stainless steel, IP54 protection. Ensures the unit can withstand the demands of the agriculture market.

Ventilation Mode: Operates the fan without the flame for ventilation during warmer months.

Controls Available: An optional interface is available which allows up to 8 heaters to be controlled in a sequence. A room thermostat is also available.


Winterwarm DXA 120 Gas Fired Agriculture Heater

120kW space heater for poultry houses, pig sheds & greenhouses

The Winterwarm DXA 120 gas fired agriculture heater is a robust, efficient and reliable unit, designed for keeping poultry houses, pig sheds, cattle houses and greenhouses warm and comfortable.

This farm heater runs on natural gas or propane. It helps to create the optimum environment for animal welfare and productivity.

Industrial Gas Fired Space Heater

Comfortable temperature and even air distribution are important factors for the growing environment in both agriculture and horticulture. The Winterwarm DX-series of agriculture heaters is specially designed to control these factors optimally.

The Winterwarm DXA 120 gas heater offers 120kW heat output and a large airflow capacity of 7000 m3/h, with an air throw of 45m. This performance ensures optimum air distribution for an even climate throughout the building.

The burner, with its stabilised flame, provides clean combustion in combination with relatively low energy consumption.

As these heaters are direct fired units, they offer 100% efficiency, as all of the heat produced remains indoors. However more ventilation will be required in spaces using this direct fired method of heating, as the air will contain higher levels of CO, CO2 and condensate.

Safe & Reliable Design

All heaters in the Winterwarm DX range are CE approved and subjected to a final inspection during which electrical safety, correct emission values and general operation are checked.

The Winterwarm DXA 120 has a range of features for optimum control. The ignition process is fully controlled by a digital circuit board. In case of flame failure, automatic re-starts are carried out. When an installation has several of these heaters, each unit switches on in sequence to avoid a peak load. To limit the risk on failures, the unit carries out a self-check each hour.

The heater also has a ventilation mode, which operates the fan without heat, for ventilation of spaces during warmer months.

The PCB control board and associated components are placed in a spray-proof box.

The DXA 120 is a very robust heater as it is completely manufactured from stainless steel. The heater is IP54 rated. This characteristic ensures a long and maintenance free life cycle.

The heater's design is aimed at straightforward installation, maintenance and safe use. Ignition and combustion are controlled automatically and parts are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

Heater Controls

The Winterwarm DXA 120 gas farm heater can be controlled in various ways. It can be controlled by a simple ON / OFF signal, but it can also be controlled using an optional interface unit and room thermostat.

The interface unit can operate up to 1-8 heaters in a sequence – ideal when heating large spaces.

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Nominal Heat Output: 120 kW
Air Output: 7000 m3/h
Air Throw: 45m
Electrical Capacity: 800W
Power Consumption: 3.8 A
Power Supply: 230v / 50Hz*
Sound Level: 81 dBa
Weight: 45kg
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1230 x 655 x 540 mm
Nominal Gas Consumption G25: 14.2 m3/h
Nominal Gas Consumption G20: 12.6 m3/h
Nominal Gas Consumption G31: 9.5 kg/h

*60Hz available on request

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