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  • Winterwarm Boxer 80 Gas Fired Agriculture Heater 230v
  • Winterwarm Boxer 80 Gas Fired Agriculture Heater 230v
  • Winterwarm Boxer 80 Gas Fired Agriculture Heater 230v
  • Winterwarm Boxer 80 Gas Fired Agriculture Heater 230v
  • Winterwarm Boxer 80 Gas Fired Agriculture Heater 230v
  • Winterwarm Boxer 80 Gas Fired Agriculture Heater 230v

Winterwarm Boxer 80 Gas Fired Agriculture Heater 230v 80kW

  • 273,120BTU/hr Heat Capacity
  • Runs on Natural Gas or Propane
  • 30m Air Throw
  • Fan-Only Function
  • Multi Point Electronic Ignition
  • Install Indoors or Outdoors
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80kW Heat Capacity: Large capacity industrial heater, ideal for use in poultry houses, pig sheds, greenhouses and other agricultural buildings.

Direct Fired Heater: This direct fired method of heating offers great efficiency, but there must be adequate ventilation in the space, as the air in the house will contain higher levels of CO, CO2 and condensate.

30m Air Throw: This unit offers 2000 m³/h airflow and long range heat projection, distributing the heat optimally.

Tough & Robust Build Quality: Outer casing made from steel, with inspection hatches and IP44 protection rating.

Indoor or Outdoor Installation: The Winterwarm Boxer 80 gas heater can be installed inside or outside the building, so it can be installed in a way that suits your needs.

Ionisation Flame Detection: Ionization protection cuts off the gas supply if the flame extinguishes or if the heater does not ignite.

Safety Thermostats: Two safety thermostats shut down the heater if the burner overheats to prevent accidents.

Fan Only Function: Provides ventilation during warmer months.


Winterwarm Boxer 80 Gas Fired Agriculture Heater

80kW gas space heater designed for poultry, pigs & greenhouses

The Winterwarm Boxer 80 is an 80kW direct gas fired heater, especially developed for intensive farming. It can be used for heating poultry houses, pig sheds and greenhouses effectively.

This agriculture heater can be installed outside or inside the house. Its high heating capacity, large airflow and 30m air throw enable it to heat spaces effectively. Maintenance is simple and safety is guaranteed.

Its multi point electronic ignition ensures easy start up every time and several safety functions are integrated for reliability and peace of mind, like ionisation flame detection, burner ignition and gas valve control, and flow switch.

The powerful fan ensures a good air distribution and can even be set to provide constant air movement. The fan can also be operated independently, without the heating function, to provide ventilation during warm months. Ducting can be applied to the Boxer 80 heater, to mix inside air with outside air.

The external casing consists of removable panels in pre-painted steel, it assures an electrical protection rate suitable also for outdoor installation. It also includes a burner compartment which is totally sealed off, with an inspection door, and an inspection door to access the motor vain and electrical control box.

The Boxer farm heater is available for the following fuels: natural gas (G20), butane (G30) and propane (G31).

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Nominal Capacity: 80kW
Warm Aiflow: 2000 m3/h
Thermal Head: ∼ 145 °K
Throw Distance: 30m
Sound pressure level: 64 DB(A)
Power of centrifugal fan motor: 0.3kW
Centrifugal fan motor absorption: 3 A
Gas consumption natural gas (G20): 7.02 m3/h
Gas consumption propane (G31): 10.7 l/h
Category: II 2H 3+
Type: A2
Electrical Supply: 230v / 50Hz
Condenser capacity: 10 microF
RPM of centrifugal fan: 1.350 U/min’
Electrical protection rating: IP44
Field of working
- Temperature: -15 / +35 °C
- Relative humidity: (at 30°C not condensing) 95 %
Net weight: 63 kg
Gas supply pressure
- Natural gas G20: 20 mbar
- Propane gas G31: 37 mbar
- Butane gas G30: 30 mbar
Gas injector diameter
- Natural gas G20: 7.25 mm
- Propane gas G31: 4.30 mm
- Butane gas G30: 4.30 mm
Injector gas pressure
- Natural gas G20: 12.5 mbar
- Propane gas G31: 35 mbar
- Butane gas G30: 26 mbar
Gas consumption
- Natural gas G20: 7.62 m3/h
- Propane gas G31: 3.01 m3/h
- Butane gas G30: 2.29 m3/h

Note: For G.L.P. gas (mixture G31 and G30) the gas supply pressure has to be 30 mbar

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