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  • Arcotherm GW 32 Mobile LPG Gas Space Heater
  • Arcotherm GW 32 Mobile LPG Gas Space Heater
  • Arcotherm GW 32 Mobile LPG Gas Space Heater
  • Arcotherm GW 32 Mobile LPG Gas Space Heater
  • Arcotherm GW 32 Mobile LPG Gas Space Heater
  • Arcotherm GW 32 Mobile LPG Gas Space Heater
  • Arcotherm GW 32 Mobile LPG Gas Space Heater
  • Arcotherm GW 32 Mobile LPG Gas Space Heater
  • Arcotherm GW 32 Mobile LPG Gas Space Heater
  • Arcotherm GW 32 Mobile LPG Gas Space Heater

Arcotherm GW 32 Mobile LPG Gas Space Heater 31kW

  • 105,834 BTU Portable Heat Output
  • No Electricity Supply Required
  • Regulator & Gas Hose Included
  • Ideal For Construction, Agriculture & More
  • Simple Manual Ignition
  • 360° Heat Distribution
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Rapid Delivery
1 Year Warranty


Fast, Efficient & Cost Effective Heat: Provides simple, convenient and effective heat for a range of outdoor and well-ventilated spaces. Please note, direct fired gas space heaters must not be used in indoor / poorly ventilated spaces.

360 Degree Heat Output: Emits heat all around the unit - ideal for keeping workers warm on site.

No Electricity Required: No need for electrical power. So this heater can operate in remote locations, away from a power supply.

Tough & Robust Construction: Built to perform in challenging areas, including construction sites, yards, workshops, warehouses, agriculture and more.

Manual Ignition: Quick & easy control to start up.

Portable Design: Its compact size makes this heater easy to transport and move around as required on site.

Regulator & Gas Hose Included: Everything you need to connect the heater to an LPG bottle.


No Electricity Required

A stand-alone gas heater ideal for sites!

The Arcotherm GW32 is a gas powered space heater, ideal for use on work sites, as well as in industrial areas such as warehouses, factories, workshops and more.

The GW32 is a stand-alone LPG gas heater - it needs no electricity. Simply connect the heater up to a gas bottle and it’s ready to get to work! 

High Quality Design

Robust. Reliable. Safe.

This gas heater has an automatic built-in LPG burner, thermal flame detector, piezoelectric ignition and a roll-over prevention system. These features come together to create a high quality, reliable space heater, safe to use on site.

Due to its cylindrical design, the GW 32 ‘bin heater’ emits the heat that it produces in 360 degrees, so it is an ideal source of warmth for the workforce on site.

Weighing just 17kg, this gas box heater can be picked up and moved around to wherever it is needed on site, to provide up to 31kw of heat. This compact size makes the GW32 LPG gas heater perfect for use on parts of construction sites, as well as in industrial and commercial spaces such as rooms in warehouses, factories and workshops.

As with all direct fired heaters, the Arcotherm GW32 gas heater should only be used in spaces with adequate ventilation, rather than in confined spaces with no ventilation.

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Maximum Fuel Consumption = 2.13 kg/h
Maximum Rated Heat Power = 31KW / 27,000-108,000 BTU/Hr
Minimum Fuel Consumption = 1.025 kg/h
Minimum Rated Heat Power = 15KW / 12,965-51864 BTU/hr

Customer Reviews

Surprisingly good!

Kicks out some serious heat for such a small unit and attaching the gas is a doddle. Doesn't look like much but it's well put together.

Miss Pees

Very convenient site heater

The GW32 gas heater is small, convenient, and throws out a good heat. We are well pleased to have it around on site.


Really good investment. We can feel our hands again!

The cold on site was becoming unbearable so we bought one of these Arcotherm GW32 gas heaters. They are really easy and quick to set up on site and they just allow you to warm up before getting back on with the job. Really handy to have around!

Sean Malcolm

Really happy with this heater. Will probably get more.

We love our Arcotherm GW32 heater, we will probably get more of them for our other sites in the near future. Keeps us comfortably warm at work.

Mr Neves

G32 gas heater - good heater

Good heater - 4 stars - works well for us


Brilliant little heating unit and fast delivery

The GW32 gas heater form Arcotherm is a great box heater for our site and keeps us comfortable. The help from the guys on the phone was great, they advised us well on this heater and the delivery was quick. Thanks a lot

Bernard Barnard

Worth the money

Quality heater. I bought 2 cheaper heaters but they didn't last long. The Arcotherm GW32 one works perfect and heats as well as the other 2 heaters fid combined. And its outlasted them! This gas heater feels a lot better made than the other 2, like it will last a long time. Worth paying a bit more for the quality. Very pleased

Grant Cree

Very high quality and effective space heaters

Bought 2 of the Arcotherm GW32 gas heaters for work and they do the job really well. I do recommend these gas heaters if you want and easy way for extra warmth. They aren't the cheapest option but they are very high quality space heaters.

Mr Clifford

Arcotherm GW32 LPG heater - very robust site heater

These GW32 lpg (gas) heaters feel very solid and well made. We are using them on site so we needed something that would be able to cope in that environmment. Its done very well for us so far, putting out a good amount of heat.




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