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Arcotherm GP85M Direct Gas Fired Heater - Dual Voltage 85kW

  • Arcotherm GP85M Direct Gas Fired Heater -  Dual Voltage
  • High Quality Gas Space Heater
  • 85kW / 290,190 BTU Heating Capacity
  • 2550m3/h Airflow
  • Piezo Electric Ignitor
  • Regulator & Gas Hose Included
  • Optional Wheel / Stacking Kit Available
  • Designed For Use In Well Ventilated Spaces
  • Ideal For Construction Sites, Agriculture & More
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Fast, Efficient & Cost Effective Heat: Provides simple, convenient and effective heat for a range of outdoor and well-ventilated spaces. Please note, direct fired gas space heaters must not be used in indoor / poorly ventilated spaces.

Tough & Robust Construction: Built to perform in challenging areas, including construction sites, yards, workshops, warehouses, agriculture and more.

High Quality Components: Robust steel outer casing, inbuilt LPG burner, Piezo electric igniter, thermal flame detector and safety thermostat ensure safe, reliable and effective performance.

Portable Design: Its compact size makes this heater easy to transport and move around as required on site.

Regulator & Gas Hose Included: Everything you need to connect the heater to an LPG bottle.

Easy To Use Controls: No complex controls, for quick and easy use.

Adjustable Heat: Set the ideal heating level for your environment.

Dual Voltage Power Supply: Compatible with both 110v and 230v electrical supplies, this heater can be used in a wide range of premises.

Overheat Thermostat: Shuts down the heaters automatically if it overheats, to prevent accidents.


Arcotherm GP85M Direct Fired LPG Heater

Robust. Reliable. Effective.

Arcotherm is an extremely well respected name in the heater industry. Arcotherm is renowned for producing high quality, effective and extremely well made heating equipment, and the Arcotherm GP85M is no exception to this. The Arcotherm GP85M is a tough, reliable and powerful direct fired gas heater with an in-built LPG burner, Piezo electric igniter, thermal flame detector and a safety thermostat. With these high quality features and Arcotherm’s name on the casing, you can be sure that the GP85M is a reliable and robust gas heater, capable of meeting industrial and commercial heating needs. The Arcotherm GP85M produces up to 85kw of heat and operates with an airflow rate of 2550m³ / hr. The optional wheel kit & stacking kit pictured is available separately.

The Ideal Site Heater

Power & convenience. The perfect pairing.

The Arcotherm GP85M LPG gas combines effective heating power with practicality and convenience, to produce an ideal heater for work sites, warehouses, workshops, construction sites and more.

As the GP85M heater weighs 16kg, it can be picked up quite easily and moved around the work site to wherever it is needed. This easy to handle size paired with its effectiveness at heating makes the Arcotherm GP85M perfect for keeping the workforce warm and comfortable.

As with all direct fired heaters, the GP85M LPG gas heater should only be used in spaces with adequate ventilation, rather than in confined spaces with no ventilation. 


Heater Dimensions: 700mm x 317mm x 538mm
Packaged Heater Dimensions: 732mm x 432mm x 350mm
Product Weight: 16kg
Packaged Weight: 17kg
Heating Capacity: 41 - 85kW
Heat Efficiency: 100%
Air Flow: 2,550m³/h
Air Temperature: 65℃
Fuel Consumption: 2.458 - 5.53kg/hr
Electrical Power: 240W

Powerful Gas Heater

I am really impressed with the Arcotherm gp85m heater that I bought. It seems like a really robust unit and it feels really good quality. It is a very powerful heater and it heats in no time at all.

Barclay Heron

Nice price and it was delivered quickly

The prices on here are quite good when I was looking round comparing prices, and when I did buy the GP85M from here it was delivered quickly and I am very happy with the heater, it's worked very well.


A good heater at a good price

This is a good heater for a good price. It works very well and heats the whole place up really quickly.

Harry Shand